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2005-12-11 - 4:13 p.m.
Back on shore

It would be wrong of me to be back from vacation and be sad and glum and depressed, right?

Yeah, well, suck up and deal.

First of all, we had a great time. Hot and sunny and blue and green. Went snorkeling, which was just the coolest. Husband panicked and stayed near shore, but I took to it like a fish...ha! He took the passports swimming....I'm not sure if they are dry yet.

So a few pix: Me at the lifeboat drill. As if I would sink in salt water.....

Husband always said he would show me the world.

Finally, us in Progreso.

There will be more later...after I can scan the snorkel shots. Amazing what quality you can get from a 13 dollar disposable camera.

This was probably our last time on Carnival, however. Place was CRAWLING with crumb grinders. Don't kids go to school?? And what part of "No one under 18 in the hot tub" do parents not grasp? We had a whole five minutes in there before a couple brought their diaper clad dirty faced runny nosed tot in the water. MMMMM. Fecal soup. My fave. I don't care if it's baby poop, it's still poop!

Anyway...the staff and crew of the ship were awesome. They work their asses off for the passengers. If you're looking for a family vacation, and want to take the kiddies, this would be great. But it was a little too young a crowd, in several ways. Overall, it was great....the people we ate dinner with were fantastic...we shut the dining room down two nights, because we were chattering away long after dinner was over.

But en masse....the crowd was kind of yuck. And I have to say...the majority were from Texas, and given my impression on the cruise....well, it didn't make me think well of Texans. Very loud, and not always....couth.

But whatever. I sound all sour and snotty.

I'm not. I'm just really depressed. We came home to a blizzard. Stuck in the plane for over an hour before we could find a gate. Had to spend the night in Indy instead of driving home because roads were just BAD.

Can't find my day planner, so I'm not sure if I am going to miss a shrink appt tomorrow or not. I'm supposed to go to skating this evening, but I think I am going to ditch it. I'm having a day where the depression is just OPPRESSIVE. It's sitting on me like an Acme Anvil. Taking a shower was about all I could accomplish. Husband made pancakes for breakfast..YUM....and he's making dinner too.

So, as always before I go back to work, I'm all nervous. God knows what happened while I was gone. I'm scared of all the fires that will be burning and the damage control that will need to be done.

Gah. I hope I'm not blowing off my shrink...I will really need this next appointment!

3 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-12-11 19:15:22
The trip looks wonderful - sorry about the return to reality. It always sucks, doesn't it?
LA - 2005-12-11 19:32:29
Please wax wroth about the Texans some more! Makes my little Yankee heart so happy! Good to know about the run amok kiddies on the cruises. I loathe other people's children and the idea of being trapped on a BOAT with a horde of screaming brats and their jerk parents....eeew. We've been debating a Disney cruise. Which, of course, is kid oriented. On a regular cruise to a non-child destination I wouldn't even think about bringing Wolf. And that other people bring their youngins is just astounding. Can't wait to see the fishy pics. ~LA
Kim - 2005-12-12 11:04:44
The worst thing about vacation is coming back from it. I was never a cruise person and this doesn't really make me want to go! At least you had a table, right? Nice of your DH to give you the world! ;)
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