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2006-08-20 - 6:01 p.m.
This will be crabby

Because I am crabby.

And I HATE sundays. God almighty I HATE sundays. Ever since I was a kid. Almost 40 years of hating one seventh of my life.

At least.

I was crusing around online today and as a lark found a VERY cool job that I applied for. Like, very cool as in a job that it doesn't look like a total stretch to see myself qualified for. That's pretty rare. It's in TN. Knoxville. Which is apparently one of the few places in the US that has a similar cost of living when compared with where I am now. So...I will consider these good omens. And if this one doesn't pan out into anything, I know where to keep looking.

I'm so freaking stressed over the current job. I'm getting stuff thrown at me, expected stuff yeah, but also unexpected stuff. And the boss is making noises that the raise he discussed with me earlier isn't going to be as large as originally discussed. Niiiice.

So. Whatever.

Question for those in the know. This job listing said to list salary requirements. I HATE that. I hATE how we play stupid little games about the money. We work because we need to make money. Why do we have to do this stupid dance? I mean, if this job pays 15 grand a year, why would I waste the electrons to send a letter? And at the same time....what if they have budgeted 150 K for it and I totally lowballed myself because I live in bizzaro land where people make squat and can live on it? What is the right way to answer that requirement? I said something to the effect of "of course I am flexible,blah blah, but would need to make at least x".

Don't know why I am even worrying about it. The only contact I will get from them probably already happened with the form letter thanking me for my interest...

Spent the afternoon making recipe cards. Cutting and glueing and organizing. My aunt gave me a really cool recipe card binder for my birthday, so I was able to find all those stray pieces of paper with recipes and put them on the cards. All neat and in one place. I'm hoping that will help us eat at home more often, with our favorite recipes RIGHT THERE.

But we're probably not going to start that until tomorrow. Heh.

Dentist tomorrow morning. Vacation starts next week. YEAH BABY

3 comments so far
radiogurl - 2006-08-20 18:54:58
Don't sell yourself short. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
Milly - 2006-08-25 20:51:33
Have been looking for a job myself the past two months -- mostly because I absolutely had to because I no longer had a full time job. I do believe that if you update the resume and start sending it out you will eventually start getting nibbles. You may not like them much, but the nibbles are there -- and every 35th one or so sounds pretty good. AS to the question of how much money to ask for -- I've learned the hard way to ask for exactly what you really, really want to make. I've been hourly for the last 3 years so this time when I applied for hourly wage jobs I put down $25 an hour. On the others I always asked for $60 G and up. They will offer you what they think the job is worth -- or they won't offer you anything at all -- but since you have a job - go for what you really want. You won't get an offer unless you open yourself up to it -- so good for you in applying for the job in the first place. Good luck. M.
LA - 2006-09-07 07:47:39
3 weeks without you is ridiculous. I miss you. ~LA
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