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2005-11-29 - 10:29 p.m.
Boasting and a horrible confession....


Bizzy as a beeeeeee this week.

First: I have short timer disease. We leave at the ass crack of dawn on saturday for our cruise. After more than a year, it is TIME!!!! Our itinerary may be altered due to hurricane stuff, but I don't care....we can go in circles in the Caribbean for all I care. And it's supposed to be cold here next week. Heh.

Second: (and maybe this should have been first....)We did a major upgrade of the broadcast computers this week. The guy from Bro@dc@st Electr0nics was was that big a dealie. New computers, new Pr0 T00ls, V@ult upgrade....with some nifty new tricks. It all went REALLY smoothly, and the only "casualty" was due to a faulty router, not due to the upgrade. But still...."new" is always scary with computer stuff. The BE engineer is most cool and fun and great at his job. And I swear....if we said "Um, can it give us ice cream every afternoon?" he would do his best to make that happen. So I have a couple of days to write some new procedures and update manuals for everyone before I take off.

Another reason I like the every-three-years visits from this guy....he treats me like I am smart. This afternoon, I was kind of thinking out loud about making some macros/rules for auto importing of mp3s. Our engineers said "No, you don't need to do that, because of blah de blah". After some discussion, where I explained what I wanted to do and why, BE guy said "No, she's do what she wants, she needs to set it up the way she's talking about".


Every once in awhile, I have a moment or two of "hey. I am GOOD at this. I am SMART at this. Eat my dust!"

Anyway. Enough patting myself on the back.

I'm a dork. And here's why:

I'm sad that Nick and Jessica are breaking up.

I know. The sound of you all taking me off your favorites list is loud and clear. We all have guilty pleasures, and that's mine. They got married a few weeks after we did. I liked "Newlyweds". I admit it. I am ashamed.

In other tech news, we just went to VOIP phone service. So far, so good. We got to keep our phone number, the quality is fine, and BEST of all, we get 500 minutes local AND LD, plus voice mail (that gets delivered to my EMAIL!), caller ID, and call waiting (which I loathe and won't use)for FIFTEEN BUCKS A MONTH. We were paying Verizon 40. So. I'm liking that. If you have any interest in going with vonage, if you want to use me as a referrer, email me. We can both get a free month. And setting it up was a cinch....I think I had it going in about 5 minutes.

Finally, so you can see my full dorkitude, here are some pix:

My turkey:

My Table, complete with Pile O Flotsam and Jetsam in the background:

And Millie. The. Cutest. Cat. EVAH.

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-11-29 23:06:25
I forgive you for Nick and Jessica if you forgive me for oh, pretty much any television show I've liked. I almost never like the 'popular' shows; I pick the "What-drug-was-the-programmer-on-anyway?" brand most of the time...
LA - 2005-11-30 17:49:14
Congrats on the smooooove upgrade! As for dork TV, I own Underdog and Green Acres and all of My So-Called Life on DVD. If that ain't major dork, what is? ~LA
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