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Dramatis Personae

">If you're interested.....
">Four years ago.....
">Quick update
">This will be crabby
">collapalooza 2006
">A bit of chill in the heatwave
">Might as well be walkin' on the sun
">RSVPs and other annoyances
">First week back
">I'd choose this over the wisdom teeth
">so of the two, I think I prefer demerol to morphine. Though both are yummy.
">Productive Sunday
">At quitting time today....
">Oh yeah. hi.
">Sometimes I lack a certain sensitivity....
">My Sunday
">friday meme
">EEuw. What stinks?
">Yeah, this is turning out well....
">Waaah. It costs a lot to gas up the ski boat!
">Are we SURE we're the third rock from the sun?
">I'll never be a graffiti artist
">A little physical labor
">Help! My husband is a MAN!
">Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
">Crabby and Ravenous
">How a geek spends Saturday night
">If you wound up in a wheelchair, she'd wonder how that would affect her....
">They smilin' in your face
">Gotta keep it movin'
">Tom Jones International baby....
">Crankypants' rules for travel
">The crazy-ness is breaking loose...
">More stuff on dealing with people and their crap...
">Excuses or reasons?
">Ha! The cord was under the couch!
">Praise be!
">Then what IS it?
">V is for Vic0din
">I have WHAT?
">Weekend wrap up
">Big Numbers
">There's your problem.....
">Off the ledge
">Black Dog
">didja miss me?
">History nerd
">Word for the day: INSOMNIA
">Crap. It's back.
">Too much month at the end of my money
">Liberal card revocation
">Our House
">Huh. That was a long break
">But there ARE no bodies.....
">Blee Blop Blues
">What are you doing New Year's Eve??
">Mmmmm. Beeeeeeer
">Tag, I'm it!
">Biting my tongue clear through
">It's not my fauuullllllltttttt
">Back on shore
">Boasting and a horrible confession....
">As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!
">Grumble grumble
">First Friday of the week
">letter to coworker
">Yes, I am pro choice, and sick over it.
">Island life
">Everyone knows it's windy
">good gawd I'm boring
">Makin' a big production
">Me and my big mouth
">Why, Hello there!
">Ah. Home sweet bigoted home.
">Dance as a metaphor for life
">The BEST present!
">Yeah, yeah, I'm still breathing
">Stolen idea--a peek in the purse.
">Some people need a clue by four
">Dear husband....
">more stolen meme
">Stolen meme
">Heat seeking
">Out dammed spot!
">Bloody HELL
">Uh no. High school is NOT the best time of your life.
">I don't have Attention Deficit Dis---Blue Car!
">Let me eat cake.
">Back away from the computer....
">pictures from my summer vacation
">Pennsylvania is still a big ass state
">Oh my. In my own family.
">Pennsylvania is a big ass state
">Too Darn Hot
">Hump Day
">On the Beach
">Family day
">Not cheery
">Another stolen meme
">Dr. Appt
">Lovely Weather
">Mood Swing
">Doris Day Time
">Do NOT Mess with me.
">"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
">Waffle House
">Mind is racing
">The Hunt Continues
">"You always had the power, Dorothy...."
">Made a dent
">Money Pit
">Careful What You Wish For!
">I'm in love
">Well, poo
">Problem children
">My bad attitude
">Peer Pressure
">stolen meme
">Holiday Weekend
">Oh Mr Graaant
">Brilliant idea....not...
">Day off
">Don't bother
">Funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time
">crispy critter
">HAhAHA. Good one.
">Broke Ass
">This Old House
">Evening at the police station
">Yeah. TGIF
">Odds and ends
">Dear Boss:
">Soccer mom rampage
">Well, well, well......
">Lazy Saturday
">Good news and bad news
">Shouldn't have pushed that button!
">anti social techno geeks in spring
">Sometimes you just never know
">the return of crabby appleton
">When the Student is Ready....
">Lycra land
">Fifty minutes and eight miles
">Another weekend flew by
">she knows just enough to be dangerous
">Of memes and living wills
">But can she cook?
">I'm siiiiiick
">ick. Germs!
">coupla things.....
">Just in case.....
">attitude most foul
">How I spent my weekend
">How I spent my weekend
">How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
">Checking in
">Recto Cranial inversion
">suzy homemaker
">Another MEME
">Another MEME
">Idle hands......
">If you've seen my motivation, will you bring it back to me?
">Girl Scout Cookie Haiku
">Momma was right
">Today's word is vindication
">Or Not
">Winding up the trip
">This has been the most tense trip Husband and I have ever taken together.
">Short Timer
">The party's over, it's time to call it a day......
">Snow Day
">A quick note
">Come Josephine.....
">I guess they lost count
">And no jury of women would convict me....
">Yeesh, I'm pathetic!
">The lonely pointless blog
">Dear Diary.....

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