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2005-04-21 - 11:32 p.m.
Odds and ends

Gawd I am TIRED. I think I am having allergy issues. I've had a sore throat all week, and my ears feel like someone is blowing them up with a bike pump. Bad enough that when I take my headphones off at work, there is enough change in air pressure that it hurts.

Boss is still being a baby, but by the end of the day, he was better. Thank god this drive is over saturday afternoon. There are tentative plans for a post drive celebration with nachos and margaritas. I am so there.

Spent much of this evening trying to figure out our trip to NY this summer. EXPENSIVE. Holeeeeee crap. There's a place near where the reunion will be that is SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS A NIGHT.

You don't even want to KNOW what kind of services I expect for 700 bucks a night.....

There's nothing near Glen Cove that's much under 200 a night.


I can find some packages online that would be cheaper, but have us smack in the city. On the one hand....COOOOOL. On the other....ehhhh. Because we will still need to get from Manhattan to Glen Cove, and I'm not sure midwest rubes like us are ready for that. They tell me that NYC's subway system is easy peasy to navigate, but in my online poking around, I'm not so sure. And I'm a smart person.....usually.

So. No reservations or anything....waiting to find out where the folks are staying, etc, etc.

Get this--80 degrees yesterday. There is SNOW in the forecast for Saturday. SNOW.


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radiogurl - 2005-04-22 03:14:53
I won't even say what I think of $700 a night. I think it's highway robbery for hospitals to charge that. ForGET a hotel/motel/inn. For that I'd better have a room at Buckingham Palace, complete with maid service, room service, and pretty much any and every other service you can think of!!!
LA - 2005-04-22 07:47:04
Staying on the North Shore, eh? Fancy-schmancy. Not going to be a lot of Motel 6's on the North shore. And no, you don't want to stay in the city if all your events are on Long Island. However, if you'd care to tack an extra day onto your trip (or have free time already) I will come down on the train and meet you in Manhattan for a fun-filled day of sight seeing, gossip, and squee. What do you say? ~LA
Pandi - 2005-04-22 16:28:14
Maybe you won't say what you expect for $700 a night, but as I am still buzzing from that margarita, I will come right out and say I expect cunnilingus from a tall, built, blue-eyed brunette with a square jaw and a coif. But don't mind me. I'm originally from the South Shore, and we're tacky, us South Shore gals.
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