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2005-04-21 - 8:44 a.m.
Dear Boss:

My apologies for messing up the programming this morning. Having a number be a 6 instead of a 4 in the automation macro can bring things to a screeching halt, can't it? But that's one of the hazards of working in that office that could best be described as "Short Attention Span Theater". It's not like I can ever complete a task, like writing a macro, without eleventy seven interruptions. We're lucky I haven't inadvertently launched missiles.

Also sorry I didn't hear the phone. See, some telemarketer scum has taken to calling at 8 straight up on weekends. And you know I need my beauty sleep. So I turned off the ringer upstairs.

But your sad sack message. PATHETIC. Off the top of my still unwashed and combed head, here are ways you could have solved the problem when I proved unavailable:

Manually started the cart deck that was loaded with the right programming, but never got a start command.

grabbed the correct CDs from the giant books that are open on the sofa in my cube.

Gone to the network.

Found my master sheet for the fundraising stuff (Right next to my computer in my cube) on which I have written the keys to the kingdom, aka the names of the special playlists. Then you could have loaded the list and started it that way.

Normally, I find you a wonderful boss to work for. Not during our fund drives. You turn into a moody and sullen teenager, when you should be leading the rest of us. WE are the ones who should be allowed a little weakness, and YOU should prop US up, being our LEADER and all. Instead, it's the other way around, and we're spending our days checking your mood ring and being all co-dependent.

I'll take responsibility for the list not starting. The trainwreck after that? All you.

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radiogurl - 2005-04-21 23:33:28
You work with me, right? Because it sounds like we have the same incompetent boss...
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