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2006-06-12 - 12:03 p.m.
My Sunday

We were early adopters of the Tivo Lifestyle. My sister turned me onto it. I actually had to convince my husband how great it would be, and now he thinks it's the coolest thing ever. So we bought one of the first Series 2 Tivos, along with a lifetime service agreement. Then we bought another Tivo, since we loved the first one so much, it offered a bunch of cool home network options, and my murder and mayhem recording times were often conflicting with Husband's Uber Geek sci fi boring stuff. :)

Alas, our first Tivo appears to be dead. Hard drive, methinks. Scrambled brains. Many reboots (most self initiated). Removed the wireless adaptor, just in case (I read something about that on the web). It' s just...dead, Jim.

There is much sadness in Casa Colz. Not sure if we are going to run out to Best Buy stat and get a new one, or bring the second one downstairs. As the household's Chief Networking Executive, buy new sounds less scary. I can make the network WORK, but once it does, I really prefer not to touch anything that's working ok. I solved our terrible Vonage problem a couple of weeks ago with a new cable modem, I really don't wanna mess up the network mojo again.

Hey. I majored in History in college. I used a typewriter to write my papers! Cut me some slack.

Har. Husband informed me he'd just rather buy a new unit. He can't stand not to have TV. Seriously. He's a big baby.

What else?

Last night , before Tivo's unfortunate demise, I fell in love with a newly discovered cable channel....Retroplex. Old movies. Yeah! I watched "In Cold Blood". I first read the book and saw the movie in an English class in high school. Who knew that 7 years later I would be living in Finney County KS, where all that took place? Excellent movie, regardless of my own personal interest in the case. Then of course I did some poking around on the interweb and found a link to a well done follow up documentary done by college students in Nebraska. It's always interesting to see those programs, and see some people I knew during my own time in Garden City. It's interesting to me...the people there seem to really dislike the attention the case brings the area. In this era of everyone wanting their fifteen minutes on Jerry Springer, many in the community seem to just want it to go away.


Later that same day...

New Tivo up and running. I wish I could make money installing those things. SIMPLE. For someone who plays with radio station automation computers all day long, REALLY SIMPLE. Old TIVO will now become FrankenTivo, and I will see if I can hack it and put in a new drive.

Eventually. Not today.

Husband hit a BIG Porch Milestone today...YAY! The carpentry work is almost DONE!

screwing in the fake pillars....

screwing in the fake pillars....

You can see here how he really fit the thing to the siding. And no, it's not the same on each side of the porch. It's not the same on each side of the same pillar.... Annnnd....another pic of my fave house. LOVE that house!

Here's my garden, so far...... not a great picture. Last year we had the driveway replaced, and we had them take out the steps and walk that went through the front of the yard. Then this spring we realized we needed something there....traffic flow just begs for it. So we put in the stepping stones.

Finally, since I posted pix of the other adorable cats in the house, I thought I'd post one of my old girl, Haydn. I got her when I worked in KS about 14 years ago. She was a barn cat a volunteer gave me. She's sweet as sweet can be, and in great shape for an old girl. Here, she looks like she is playing Dead Cat.

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2006-06-12 17:33:32
I don't blame you for loving the other house - it's BEE-OO-TIFUL. So's yours, though :) Ditto for playing-dead-cat, who has the act down pat, from the looks of things. We don't have a TiVo right now but considering I've been too lazy to hook up the VCR we got about two months ago, I don't think we're losing much. ;) And yes, working in radio does make you wonder how it is someone has trouble programming a VCR!!!
Loriville - 2006-06-14 01:49:46
The house is lookin' good! BTW, I LOVE your neighborhood!
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