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2006-06-14 - 10:31 p.m.
Sometimes I lack a certain sensitivity....

OH man, I just pissed my husband off, I know I did. But...he was being....stupid. Like the people I have to deal with at work who don't grasp "save as". And I was laughing at his being stupid.

I am a BAAAD wife. Snrk.

He was bidding on ebay. He made a bid of 4 bucks, then he did his max for the item, which is 10. He started having a whiny old guy fit about "I bid 4 dollars, why is it three seventy fiiivvvvve????" And I just....I tried to explain about max bids and bid increments....and he kept giving me that old guy who can't set the vcr look....and I just laughed.

Bad Wife.

Interesting discussion with Former Ass GM today. We share the same shrink, which I am not wild about. She was my shrink first. Anyway....FAGM said one of the issues she's struggling with is the idea of whether she has jealousy issues with me because now I'm "the golden child" at work.


Don't be jealous of me. Don't. There's no reason to be. I'm not the golden child. I'm just on my upswing right now. And there's something about the whole golden child concept that bothers me.....but I'm not entirely sure what it is. Maybe it's the idea that I'm the equivalent of a teacher's pet or something. I'm doing a good job, fer cryin'out loud, and that's benefitting me. Isn't that ok? And it's also very older the idea that there's this finite amount of "love", and when the baby comes, that reduces the love the older kid gets. But that's not how it works.

Bought myself a tiara for Colapalooza. Getting very excited about doing a big blowout for my first 39th birthday. So I bought this:

I really shouldn't have laughed.

But he was being THICK HEADED.

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LA - 2006-06-15 06:03:14
Waaah! The pic won't cue up. When's your birthday? Are you really making a big party? That's so cool! ~LA
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