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2006-05-23 - 7:45 p.m.
I'll never be a graffiti artist

Wheeeee. Spray paint!

So my painting the plastic shutter experiment went poorly. So very, very poorly.

The paint all came off with a stream of water from a garden hose.


Need a plan B.

First plan B was sand, wash, prime, and see if that worked.

But THEN....I remembered there was spray paint JUST FOR PLASTIC! This could be the solution, if it comes in the right color.

After work I headed to Menards and picked up a paint chip card with the new post color, and found the special spray paint area. Ta da! There was actually a shade that is so close that it won't matter when the shutters are hung on the house.

So I've been outside spray painting, which is suprisingly hard work! Your little pointer finger can get TIRED.

And needless to say, I'm a little headachy. Coff coff. I'll let it dry a little more, then give it another coat. This daylight saving time stuff is way cool...I made a real dinner, we ate, and there is still time to get some work done.

Beautiful day here today. GAWGEOUS.

We've decided to go to the NY reunion after all. YAY! We're making a long weekend of it, which is better than not being able to go at all, but one of these days, I'd really like to make a trip of it...hit the city, participate in some of the touristy stuff. Maybe next year. It's just so dang expensive! Red Roof Inns are 150 bucks a night! I think the best part is we managed to find a decently priced flight from home, so after the plane lands on the return trip, we'll be at our house in 20 mintues instead of having another two hours ahead.

Anyway. I ramble.

Paint fumes.

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