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2006-04-29 - 9:31 a.m.
Crankypants' rules for travel

Dear loud people in the airport:

I see you are carrying on two children, a double stroller, and three GINORMOUS bags.

When I am queen, this will not be allowed.

I pray we aren't seated together.

Yeah. End of a vacation. Lost our ass in the casinos, but my lost id was found in Caesar's, and returned so I could get on the plane with the abovementioned lovely people.

the other thing when I am queen? No reclining in steerage. NONE. I never recline, because I realize how uncomfortable it makes the person getting reclined into. (I always feel like I should be doing dental work on this person whose head is now in my lap....) I never sit behind the equivalent of me.

Also when I am get the space under the seat in front of you, and in the overhead directely above your seat. That is all. Just because you have the SUV stroller and car seat and carry ons and live chickens doesn't entitle you to every friggin' bit of bin space you can claim.

yeah. After a week in Vegas, people are pissing me off.


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radiogurl - 2006-04-29 17:38:50
Ack. I cannot fathom taking a baby on the plane, much less a whole troop of babies and all of their accoutrements.
Zon - 2006-04-30 04:51:37
I love you. Seriously. I just love who you are and how you feel and what you think. Maybe this is a sign of narcissism, because I feel exactly the same way, but still. You, my dear, are awesome, and we agree on a helluva lot.
LA - 2006-04-30 10:51:08
I ALWAYS sent the stroller with the cargo luggage. Was I going to need it ON the plane? Take a stroll in the aisle perhaps? If I was going to lug a baby across the entire country I could certainly carry him in my arms from the jetway to the luggage pick-up. Duh. Carry-ons were equal to the number of seats purchased, not number of people. For my own convenience as much as it was for others' comfort. But then I always traveled light as a baby mom even in my daily life. I never saw any reason to pack the entire nursery and 5 toy boxes and drag it all with me to the grocery. Or on a plane for that matter. Glad you made it back from Sin City in one piece! ~LA
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