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2006-04-20 - 8:05 p.m.

Cough is back. Throat coming back. I went to dr, since I will be out of town next week...the last thing I need is to be out of town and SICK.

Talked to dr about the whole Hematologist thing. Since I'm still sick with SOMETHING, she wants me to get unsick before we try to figure out my blood counts and whether they are good or bad or warrant further study.

I love my dr. I felt like we made that decision together. "If you're comfortable with that, so am I". "OK", "OK".

But I COULD do w/o the matching canker sores under my tongue. I just got some stuff made from bee juice or something that's supposed to help....I think it is.

My husband is too sweet. I was checking out at the dr, and this guy came in the door and grabbed my shoulders...and it was Husband! He drove by the dr's office after he went home for lunch, and saw my car was still there. He said he was worried and wanted to make sure I was ok. He's so cute.

What else? No word on my aunt....other than she regained consciousness and managed to EAT yesterday. Cousin the priest, who works with the dying, said that's not uncommon. She's not going to get better, but at least she and my dad can say their goodbyes.

Stressin' over work. Of the four person programming dept, two of us will be gone next week. Both of us the technie/operational people. So we had a meeting this morning to try to figure out who is doing what next week. I am scared. I am very scared. This could be UG-LEEEEE. Despite my best prep and notes and all, the potential for the wheels to come off is HUGE. WILL be ugly. It's no longer a crazy farm, it's a psycho farm. And apparently the leaders are off their meds....

Now taking a different antibiotic....Lev@quin. W/o insurance, it would have cost 240 bucks. For TEN pills. Yeah. But the healthcare system in this country is fiiiiine.

I still feel like ass. Slept like ass last night too. Husband tells me I slept, but you couldn't tell by me. All I remember is looking at the clock EVERY HOUR.

Sigh. Normally I would be so psyched about heading to Las Vegas....even if part of it is for a conference. Right now I'm so freaked and stressed that's just Another Damn Thing. I'm hoping that I can get some poolside time to read and decompress. And there ARE those front row tickets for Tom Jones....

And I'm not the lone and off, people I know are having crazy times.

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radiogurl - 2006-04-21 15:15:09
I hope you get the chance to really relax - but obviously first hope that you are able to get over this nasty bug, whatever it is!!! *Hugs*
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