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2006-04-30 - 5:54 p.m.
Tom Jones International baby....

So. Back from las vegas and still a little cranky. My poor husband...I don't know how he stands me, because I am petulant and pouty on my last day of a vacation.

There are pictures here. No people...mostly the birds in the wildlife area behind the hotel. Scroll down and click on slideshow.

Conference was good...learned a lot, made some good contacts, asked some good questions. We are talking about renovating the station, and with that comes new audio boards, studio equipment, etc. Our current boards are 20 + years old, and we got our money's worth for sure, but it's time for a digital upgrade. There are good options out there.

Did I talk about my possible job change? Don't get's at the same place. I guess it would be a promotion of sorts. Finally, the GM is willing to give up the title of Program Director, and he wants to name me PD. Not sure. I can't figure out what advantage it will give I will have to talk to crazy Patricia and all the other loonies who call the place. OTOH, if I'm the Big Cheese, then I get to tell Crazy P to sod off, politely, of course.

So I don't know. There is more money (not much more, I'm sure) involved, but we'll see.

My aunt is still dying. It's been about two weeks since we heard "this is it". We are playing it fast and loose and seeing what happens, since we're going to do our best to get to the funeral.

Am doing laundry and being jet lagged. Going to drink some tranquilitea before bed in hopes of hastening the resetting of my clock. When I was having trouble sleeping the week before last, I tried this and it worked WONDERS. In fact, I'm trying to figure out which tea to order next...the tea gave me much better sleep than tylenol PM does.

We lost our asses in Vegas. It was amazingly bad. OK, not really our asses, because we aren't high rollers. To put it in perspective....Husband was at the crap table, when Mr. and Mrs Gotrocks came up. VERY unassuming, but I saw the casino host greet them, and THEN I saw Mr Gotrocks casually toss down TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to buy in. Husband buys in with 20 or 40 bucks. Then feels guilty when it's gone. So we aren't looking for comps any time soon. I think our allowance was a hundred bucks a day, which seems OUTLANDISH to us.

OH. And Tom Jones. From row AA. yeah. Oh YEAH. Make fun of me and sneer if you will, but he's amazing. And HOOOTTTTTTT. MRRROOOOWWWW. I was like those girls in the Beatles footage from 1964. Yelling and waving and dancing in my chair.

I think he saw me. And my cleavage. heh.

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Lori - 2006-04-30 21:10:52
Glad to hear you had a fabulous time in the City of Sin. Thanks so much for the tea recommendation! I just perused the site and bought Immunitea and Claritea. Yay!
radiogurl - 2006-04-30 21:37:12
Thank you for the link - will DEFINITELY check into that. MC is taking freeze-dried nettles now but that alone isn't doing the trick. Hopefully one or a combination of the teas will help!!!
Zon - 2006-05-01 00:43:06
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