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2006-04-01 - 9:48 p.m.
Weekend wrap up

Took yesterday off because, well, I wanted to. God, I love Fridays off. Wish I could make that my normal arrangement.

Of course, the weather yesterday was pretty nice. Windy, but warm. I say of course, because YESTERDAY we couldn't work on the porch, and today, when it was porch day, it was once again cold and spitting rain. Yucko.

But...the boys worked all day long, and Contracter Guy rebuilt the wall. BEAUTIFUL. Next we have to rebuild the wall on the other side of the stoop, THEN the giant beam goes in, and THEN we can work on the Fun Stuff like painting and rebuilding the trim around the pillars, and checking what's underneath the aluminum soffets.

I am just not feeling well. Achy and headachy. I never have headaches, so when I do, I'm a big fat baby. This last one has hung on for about three days. I'm wondering if it has something to do with our changing weather.

You'd think that with a day off and a whole saturday, my house would be's not. But I did get a good vacuum on the living room floor, clean the bathroom, and do some laundry. I just can't get my cleaning mojo working. I have the attention span of a gnat and I am just so freaking tired!

Ah....but I am more excited than a person should be about Daylight Saving Time. This is the first time since 1971 that my state will spring forward. And to read some newspaper articles around here, you'd think it's slightly less complex to deal with than defusing a bomb. However, since I have actually lived OTHER PLACES, I know the drill and realize it's really NOT such a big damn deal. I'm looking forward to it for a few reasons. First of all, I am NOT a morning person, and having my daylight at four in the morning is of no benefit to me. I am SO looking forward to being able to not have to rush home from work to get my bike ride or walk in. It's going to make work a TON easier. Before, twice a year, everything we did that was in relationship to the network (oh, like almost everything) changed. So we would have to have two sets of instructions for automation and satellite related for summer, one for winter. schedule fits all.

The thing that a lot of people in the state don't get is that since time is relative, by NOT changing, we did, in effect, change. In the summer, we were on the same time as Chicago. In the winter, we were on the same time as NY. Whaaaa???? When I was a kid, my dad worked different hours depending on which time zone we were following. In the summer he worked 7-4, in the winter, 8-5. It was so they could always stay synched up with NY. In my work, lining up interviews with people from out of state has always been a special kind of hell. We end phone calls with "OK, so we'll talk to you at 10:30 wednesday morning. Wait. Is that your time or my time? OK....what time is it there right now?'s only 1:30 here. So I'll call you at 11:30 your time."

Seriously. And flying in the summer? Good gawd...we're behind before we even get started.

And having plenty of relatives in neighborhing states that observe DST, I'm excited that we don't have to do math every time we travel over the summer. "So it takes five hours to get there and three to get back??" "Yeah, I guess that's how it works out...."

Babbling. making no sense. Sorry!

Just don't forget springing forward, unless you are in AZ or HI. Toodles!

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