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2005-08-14 - 10:37 p.m.
Uh no. High school is NOT the best time of your life.


Went to 20 year class reunion Saturday night.

I looked pretty good, for a fat chick.

Not sure how I feel about the evening. The first two people who saw me called me the wrong name.

I know, I know, whaddya expect after 20 years. But it was overall an....annoying evening. I did meet up with some people who were really nice and DID remember me, and we did have some nice conversations. But overall, it just kinda sent me back to that place where I wasn't really that happy.

And not NEARLY enough other women got fat! Have to say, lots of the women looked like time warp city...just as pretty and thin as they were back then. The menfolk, OTOH...yikes. Unrecognizable, most of 'em.

Overall, glad I went, cuz I'd wonder what I'd missed out on if I hadn't gone. But....I watched the slide show, and saw all these people chatting and talking together....and I really felt like I was in a room full of strangers. But the people I WOULD have known weren't there.

Went to the reunion with one of the two high school friends I'm still in touch with, K. K is the Republicans' er0t1c dream. Stay at home soccer and pto mom of two girls. Engineer husband. Conservative Christian. Doesn't like mothers who have careers, or the snobby people on the east coast.

Yeah. Like all the things I'm not. So we went and had an ok time (she had more fun than I did). She mentioned something about one of our classmates seeming all "hippie". Well, I poked around on the 'net, and discovered that said classmate is now a life coach, doing motivational work, body work, etc, etc. Sent K the link. She wrote back "Do they have that new age crap there? Her parents must be so proud. Not".

Wow. Just. Wow.

What IS it with these people? They think everyone has a right to their opinion, apparently. The very same people who would tell you that the poor Chr!stians are persecuted are the ones who will call someone else's life's work "crap". Niiiice.

Gah. What is the deal? I am losing friends all over the place. It's like every time I turn around, there's another asshat where I never expected one.

On the diet front...did nicely last week, until last night...taco hell. BUT that taco bell, and the pizza tonight, were the first time for either in over a month. But apparently, I don't lose weight on South Beach unless I'm in the very strict phase 1. And you'll go nuts if you try to stay in that all the time. so...whateveah. I'll keep on keepin' on, see what happens, and go back to the dr in 6 more weeks.

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radiogurl - 2005-08-15 00:32:55
*Hugs* Hang in there - I went a while without losing then - WHAM! - lost it in spurts. It sounds like you're doing healthy things for yourself and that alone is worth the trouble
Pandi - 2005-08-15 13:55:28
When people say things like that, I give it right back. "No more crappy than believing some long-haired hippie peace-lovin' type came back from the dead in three days."
Kim - 2005-08-15 14:57:44
I don't think I'd go to a reunion for the reasons you mentioned. The people I'd want to see I'd see. The people I don't, I wouldn't pay out the butt to spend forced socialization time with ;)
radiogurl - 2005-08-18 20:45:20
Sweetwater was the first place we hit - they were on backorder and no ETA on a shipment. I called at least twenty different places, finally got one from a retailer, who did free shipping. EVERYBODY was out. I hadn't ever used the slide boards for a control room until I got here; we had an antiquated dial-style (albeit pro and big dials) at the other stations where I worked.
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