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2005-08-19 - 9:42 p.m.
Bloody HELL

OK good is motrin on a fever vs tylenol?

This day has sucked.

Work was going great until around 2:30, when our automation computer crashed. For whatever boring and technical reasons, I couldn't reboot, which would fix the problem, until after 4. This put everyone behind schedule.

THOUGHT the major reboot fixed things, but it didn't. Wheels coming off everywhere. The master clock was completely fubared, which meant so was our air sound. Called the engineer, who couldn't come in, but called the computer's support folks, and I canceled our ballroom lesson while I tried to figure out what the HELL was going on. Finally engineer said "It's not something stupid like the computer thinking it's AM instead of PM, is it?

Why yes, it was.

So I extinguished remaining fires, left emails, and headed home around 7:15.

I'd been feeling craptastic all day....I've been really tired all week, and today was just....bleah, achy, woozy and SO TIRED. Got home and collapsed on the couch.

Mind you, we leave on vacation tomorrow....cousin is having her annual bbq in Cleveland, the we are on a flight outta there to LV on Monday morning. So there's a ton of stuff to get done tonight. But I couldn't get up. SO tired. Achy, and I started shivering. Husband came home, and I sent him on the Walgreen's pre trip errand we were going to go on. Went upstairs, dug out the thermometer, and took my temperature, because I thought I was a little feverish.

Almost 102

Um. Isn't that bad? Aren't I going to fry my brain or something?

And isn't this just the BEST timing?! Fuck.

I popped two motrin about 15 minutes ago, and hope it will break the fever. What the hell? I'm not throw uppy or suffering any other digestive woes. No stuffy nose, no sore throat, no earache. Whaaaa?

So motrin or tylenol better for my fever?

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radiogurl - 2005-08-19 23:43:01
Tylenol is literally fake medicine. It doesn't do much of anything except take a huge bite out of your wallet. It is designed to fool your brain into thinking it isn't hurting - but if there is actual pain and sickness, it won't do a thing. That's what a doctor told me, a physician from Barrows Neurological. Motrin is leaps and bounds better and should absolutely help reduce the fever.
LA - 2005-08-20 09:04:10
I'm an Advil fan. So sorry you're sick for the start of your vacation! Hope it's just a mystery bug that goes away in a day, leaving you to enjoy your family and then Sin City! ~LA
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