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2005-07-02 - 10:20 p.m.
Lovely Weather

I've reverted to my usual weekend slugdom.

Had to get blood drawn for a dr appt this week, so I went in and did that. I have invisi-veins, so blood draws are always an adventure. I do ok if I don't look....but the poor phlebotomist....the blood stopped, the blood started, the blood stopped....there was only one stick, but there was wiggling involved. Dr. is checking the usual CBC/Chem 7 stuff, plus doing a thyroid panel, which I am glad for. I'm halfway hoping my thyroid is wonky, because then my tree sloth like activity level will have an explanation that isn't pure lazy ass ness.

Husband and I went to the maul, where I got a new cell phone. Neato. Camera phone and everything. Takes crappy pictures, at least inside. But has many cool new features, including voice activated dialing, etc.

Hey. I'm a technowonk, what can I say?

Then we went out to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch. Never been there. It was nice, if a bit pricey (though we did have an appetizer). We like to hit sit down places in the middle of the afternoons on saturday, because they aren't crowded then. So we had a late dinner around 8. And I've been playing with my phone all evening.


Since we aren't buying a house, we thought we'd do our annual NC trip to my parents' condo. Well. Then stupid thing is rented ALL of August and ALL of September by the same person! Grr. But nice for my parents, because they get a good chunk of change for the rental. I think I may have to ask if we can put our dibs in for next year.

Then I had the brilliant idea of going to Vegas instead. See, my cousin and her husband are having their annual cookout at the end of August. Usually, we head from their place to NC. Well, they live in Cleveland, and air fares from there are way better than air fare from here (and there are actual direct flights) So we got a flight and a great deal at NYNY, and we'll be hitting Vegas the last week of August.

We are just vacationing fools. NY later this month, LV in August, and a cruise in December. I love it.

What's the deal with hillbilly rednecks and firecrackers? I swear, the entire summer is punctuated by the bang bang snap of illegal fireworks. I mean, I like the BIG fancy fireworks, but I pretty much outgrew being enamored with m-80s and cherry bombs in my early teen years. Not around here. The cats are completely unmoved by the racket, thank goodness. I hate to think what it's like for people who have dogs who are sensitive to loud noises....

Anyway..I think I may shower and hit the sack.

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radiogurl - 2005-07-03 09:14:20
Wow - the cell phone sounds nifty. Mine will accept pictures but won't take them, but that's fine with me because I have a digicam I take wherever I go already. Voice-activated I've got, though I haven't taken the time to figure out how it works. Heck, I still haven't figured out the hands-free thing. It isn't a plug-in mic and earplug; this one runs through the car radio. Which I also haven't taken the time to figure out yet, lol.
Kim - 2005-07-05 11:00:36
I don't make it very hidden that I hate fireworks. All kinds. Big, small, and everything in between, I find them to be noisy, unfriendly to the environment, dangerous (smaller ones at least) and in general a nuisance. No Independence Day spirit here, I guess! You'll be amazed how the camera will come in handy. Out to dinner with friends and want a quick pic? Done. It probably has a video camera too which I found handy when I saw my childhood crush Jon Bon Jovi ;)
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