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2005-07-06 - 3:56 p.m.
Dr. Appt

I have more prescriptions than a little old lady.

My dr is a cautious one. This I know.

Blood test results today. Sugar perfect. Thyroid good. Liver fine.

Cholesterol...bang, zoom, to the moon.

Seriously. It's like I spend my days eating lard like ice cream.

So I got the fat lecture. It wasn't so much the fat lecture as it was the health lecture. The dr actually said "If your cholesterol wasn't bad, I wouldn't tell you to lose weight". I like her, I guess. She laughs at my jokes.

I get to continue the BP meds (aka: pee pills), AND I get to take Lipitor.

I totally suck.

I asked her PLEASE, could I just eat more broccoli and promise to go to the gym?? Not more drugs! She said that in addition to my "She must take bacon intravenously" cholesterol level, I have a high platelet count. So I'm like a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen. I have chunky, sticky blood.

And it's all my fault, and I suck, and it just shows that fat people are horrible.

the interesting thing is, I should be in some kind of "this was my wake up call" fit of resolve. And I'm not. Really, my only concern with a stroke is surviving and being a vegetable, or having a heart attack and being disabled. I don't really care if I croak.

I don't really care if I croak.

That's the wrong thing for someone my age to say, isn't it?

Shrink appt in the morning. Just in time, apparently.

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LA - 2005-07-06 20:46:24
Damn, I guess I'll return the pork rind earring and bracelet set I got you for Christmas. And as a professional crip I'll tell you what, dead or debilitated? I'll take dead every time, baybee. If you're nuts than I am too. ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-07-06 21:28:08
Meh - I've lived where I didn't care whether I lived or died, and it had nothing to do with the doctor or losing weight (unless you count the weight of raising four kids alone.) So I guess that makes us a trio of nut-cases.
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