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2005-06-28 - 9:02 p.m.

We said no. And I am sad. And that's ok.

I came up with an idea that would make the money stuff easier. But in the end, Husband was just overwhelmed at the prospect of getting our house in shape to sell in the next six weeks. I think we could have done it.

We went to the movies, then after, sat in the parking lot making the decision so we could call our realtor. And in the end, it seemed like his reasons for saying yes were because it would make ME happy and because he didn't want me to be mad. "Will you be mad forever if we don't do this?" But it's a house. It's not a paint color or a style of chair.

But I am still sad. There will be other houses. There are lots of fantastic houses to be had. And maybe by spring, we'll have our finances more in order and the whole process will be even easier.

It's still a letdown. I think I am someone who needs a project.

Sometimes things are so complicated. And I wish they could be easier.

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radiogurl - 2005-06-28 23:30:22
Actually it is probably a good thing this house didn't go through. You spied it fast but even you know that it had a lot of problems that you KNOW about. It might have had more problems that you DIDN'T know about, too. Hang in there - you'll get another opportunity for a better home :)
LA - 2005-06-29 08:17:53
You know what? You could make getting your house sale-worthy your new project. Maybe by the time you're finished cleaning out, fixing up, and cute-ifying the place you'll love it way more than any other place you might have purchased! I've seen the pics, your place is already severely cute. (In the good way, not cutesy.) And you've already proved to yourself that you COULD pack up and go if the right place and offer came along. Nothing like knowing you DO have options to clear the mind and spirit. ~LA
Kim - 2005-06-29 10:37:05
Things will work out how they should be, I believe. Who knows? These people could be willing to take a reduced price by the time your finances are in order and house is sale-worthy. It's amazing how you'll lower the price if you don't think anyone will buy. And that's just on ebay ;)
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