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2005-05-20 - 4:29 p.m.
Brilliant idea....not...

Why did I think having a party would be a brilliant idea?

Because it's tomorrow night, and it's not feeling so brilliant.

Especially not since Husband decapiated the vacuum. To his credit, he's on the hunt for a new one, AND he is indulging my wish for one of those billion dollar Dyson vacuums. But Kohl's, which sent him a 20% off coupon (the only way we can justify that much for a vacuum)was sold out. So no vacuum + 3 cats + party tomorrow night = BAD

I'm just worried it'll be a Mary Richards Party. But there will be booze and tons of food, and really excellent cookies. So people can bite me.

yeah. Look out Martha and Ina, I'm gonna be QUITE the hostess with that attitude.

Plan for tonight is to make the dips, etc, tidy up, etc.

Stayed home from work yesterday...had that horrible gut pain thing happen again. That's the third time in the last six months. Might bear mentioning to the dr, I guess. Felt fine, had breakfast, then boom. Pain pain pain. Dunno what it could be. Last two times it was period related, but not this time. I went to bed and slept a couple hours, and felt better. I'm wondering if it's some sort of IBS related spasm thing.

I don't like it, needless to say.

So. Lots of catching up to do today, but it seems pretty much in control. Home soon to tidy and make sips and sauces.

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LA - 2005-05-20 21:06:44
EEEEEEEEEEEheeheehee! 'Mary Richards party'!!! I'd forgotten about them. I'm laughing so hard I'm snorting. (No, I'm not drunk.) Anyhow Toots, I hope your party is a major happening and tons of fun. ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-05-21 01:17:39
I didn't get the reference to the Mary Richards party. I know about the MTM show but didn't watch it enough to recognize the term. Guess this means I need to track down reruns, lol. Hope your party is a huge success!
kim - 2005-05-21 10:11:21
LOL at Mary Richards party. Had a friend who threw those. Ugh. Dyson is SO worth it, even without 20% off. We got a Dyson Pet and my ever-so-picky mom asked if we had just shampooed the carpets. That's with 5 animals and 2 messy people living there.
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