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2005-05-21 - 10:55 p.m.
Oh Mr Graaant

Schwew. It started off with Mary Richards tendencies, but in the end, it was all good.

Pix of the spread before it all began:

table. that's Husband hovering over the deviled eggs:

the bar

living room

Food was pretty much snarfed. Menu included grilled lemon chicken with satay sauce, meatballs ( you know, that sauce that’s made with grape jelly KICKS ASS), shrimp. Crudités, cheese and crackers, chips, etc. Made a roasted eggplant, pepper and onion dip that is TO DIE FOR. Other dips. Fancy cookies for dessert. TONS of wine (leftover from station wine tasting last week), beer, hard stuff. We ended up needing another beer run.

We have a few meatballs left, and that’s about it. And some eggplant dip, only because there was a TON of it.

Used Grams’ china. The Waterford highball glasses. The wedding flatware. Someone said “we’re not worth the china!” Yeah, paper plates would be easier, but the china is for celebrating and having fun with friends, so the china it was. No reason to have all that nice stuff and not share it.

My feet are KILLING ME. And poor Husband, he had to deal with Mean Wife in the half hour before the party started. One of my planned dishes got scrapped at the last minute because I just didn’t have time. And I couldn’t find anything to wear that didn’t make my inner tube stand out. And the party started in 15 minutes and I hadn’t put on makeup. So I was stressed. THEN, stuff started falling out of our teeny and overpacked freezer. He dealt with stuff while I got my act together.

Got the Dyson Animal. It seems somehow immoral to spend that much on a vacuum, but dang. That sucker works. (heh. I are punny) I could have stuffed a mattress with all the cat hair we sucked up. And it handles pretty easily, too. Easier to push than the Hoover that Husband decapitated.

Anyway. We have dishes out the butt, but things are under control. And the house is clean, at least the public areas. Next step, we tackle the rooms that may just tackle us back……

4 comments so far
Pandi - 2005-05-22 01:26:03
...and once again, a reader gets House Lust.
radiogurl - 2005-05-22 01:32:18
Wow... It all looks fantabulous!!! :D :D Ya did good, if the photos are any indication :)
LA - 2005-05-22 09:22:33
Verrrrrry pretty! So glad it turned out well! ~LA
Kim - 2005-05-22 11:03:37
Yay on successful party! The Dyson Animal will make you obsessed with the dirt it picks up. Like you, we could've created another cat out of all the fur it picked up. Shudder.
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