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2005-04-09 - 5:18 p.m.
anti social techno geeks in spring

Ahhhhh. A gorgeous Saturday. A laptop with a wireless connection.

Yeah. Now I get to be a withdrawn anti social geek from my front porch instead of the back bedroom.

Not sure if that's an improvement or not.

The bad thing about open windows and doors is the noise. Yeah, there are tweety birds, but in this neighborhood, this spring seems to be bringing an inordinate amount of screaming kids. Ah well. At least they are outside playing, instead of sitting in front of a computer.


I got my tivo desktop thingy to work, and transferred two shows to my laptop. Going to be even cooler when we get the other tivo hooked to the 'net. Wheeeee!

Feeling ok about accomplishments today. Had to get blood drawn first thing, so the dr has the results for my appt on weds. Lemme tell ya, I was there, drained and back in less than 20 minutes. For whatever reason, my dr's office has lab hours saturday morning. Since this was a fasting blood test, if I'd gone when everyone else in the universe goes, first thing in the morning during the week, it would have taken an hour. As it was, I didn't have a chance to look at all the pictures of the practice's doctors that were hanging on the wall before I was called.

Got that done, came home and had some breakfast, then cleaned the downstairs. Yes. Either one of our moms could come over right now, and we'd be ok with it.

Until they wanted to use the bathroom.

HVAC guy came for the spring check up, then Husband left to go to work, and I left for girly lunch with J. Now I am on my front porch, using my free 3 day trial of XM radio and listening to lounge music while my laundry goes round and round. Liking the whole XM thing so far, but not sure I should pay money after the free trial is up, since it is trying to put a serious hurt on the over the air radio biz.....and maybe I shouldn't support something so directly counter to, oh, my making a living. But I dunno....maybe I'm weird, but there's always going to be something about radio that comes the old fashioned way.

At least that is what we in the radio industry are hoping......

Yesterday was my first visit to the trainer at the Fancy Gym.

It's official.

I have gained back EVERY SINGLE POUND I lost.

I could cry.

Except that wouldn't change anything.

So I will just feel like a big idiot. (like 90% of the other people who lose weight only to gain it back) I mean, it's just STUPIDITY to do so much work and then undo it. Dur. Moronic.

But oh well....gotta get back with it or something. My BP, which my dr was worried about, has gone from dangerous to "mildly elevated", so progress is being made.

We'll see what she says this week....and Thursday I have another appt with trainer man to set me up with some weight routines. What I really want is for him to show me how to work the heavy bag and that punching bag torso thing....THAT looks fun!

Man do I love spring. The sun is getting lower in the west, there's a nice breeze wafting by once in awhile, and something is periodically there's a lovely scent in the air.


2 comments so far
LA - 2005-04-09 20:26:14
Oooooo! Spooky! Maybe we're the same person? Except that you have a show biz career, can fly an airplane, synchronize skate and have a house with working electronics. But other than that... ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-04-10 03:28:34
Darn - I'm sorry to hear about the regained weight. I've gained back some but nowhere near all I lost, and while I am not officially back on my diet, I AM trying to watch what I eat, as much as life allows. Hang in there; you lost it once, you can lose it again and this time KEEP it off!
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