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2005-03-24 - 9:47 p.m.
she knows just enough to be dangerous

I have just spent the past THREE evenings trying to hook up a wireless router.


And remember, ladies and gentlemen, I am in RADIO OPERATIONS. It's not like I have no clue as to what I'm doing with technical thingamabobs.

Can't get the dang thing to hook up with the 'net. Can't. And the first evening, I managed to screw up the previously bulletproof ethernet router so we couldn't get on the net the old way, either.

I followed the directions. I went through the troubleshooter stuff. And finally, this evening, as I went through all the troubleshooting links, I reached the point where the tutorial said "you may have a defective unit".

Figure the odds.

So I am not happy. It really shouldn't be that hard. The computer was talking to the router, and it was doing SOMETHING with the cable modem, because I was able to access the web page to do set up on the router, but after all the rebooting, it doesn't work. And rebooting is a PAIN because my stupid ass computer takes 15 minutes every time.

So grrrr one.

Because my computer is so slow and stupid, I bought more RAM. I cross referenced on the HP site, bought from Newegg, installed it this evening.

Nothing. Same thing that happened when I tried to install some PNY RAM that is supposedly "compatibility guaranteed". Well, not nothing, per se, but a sort of circular rebooting....HP screen, attempt to start Windows. Shut down for an instant, HP screen, attempt to start Windows. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This shouldn't be, either. It's a frickin' HP, isn't that like the model T of computers? Why the hell can't I get frickin' RAM for it?


We want a wireless network because this week we became a two TIVO family. If you don't have TIVO, you MUST get one. And if you DO get one, put me down as your referrer, because then I can get points to earn free stuff. They had a great sale on 80 hour boxes, so we got one. If we network them to our home network...well....and the angels sing, yanno? We can move programs between TIVO units. So if I want to see Dr. Phil while I'm in bed, but he records downstairs, I can just move the show. You can put photos and music on the network. You can transfer programs to DVD and play 'em on the laptop, for your traveling pleasure.

That is, if you can get the freakin' network to actually function.


I should hit the sack. Have skating at the absolute butt crack of dawn tomorrow. Six fifteen. Hyeah, right. I am going to be SO cranky!


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radiogurl - 2005-03-24 22:27:44
Thanks for the heads' up. I will make it a point to avoid a wireless!
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