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2005-03-27 - 11:02 p.m.
Another weekend flew by

Not sure how that works.

Don't have the wireless going YET. Took first router back, figuring (with the help of the help files on the linksys page) that it had to be a bad router. Nope. New router did the same thing, even after I spent an hour on the phone with Rajiv in Bombay. I power cycled. I flashed te firmware. Nothing. Rajiv washes his hands of me. Then I poke around online and see in forums, etc that people are recommending that very same router, saying it worked "right out of the box" with c0mcast service.

Not for me it doesn't.

So my next plan is to get a wireless access point. It'll plug into one of the ethernet ports on the network that actually WORKS, and provide a wireless link for those things that need it.

And if that doesn't work, it's on to the gateway box thingie....modem and router all in one.


Went to in laws' for dinner today. Saw Husband's sisters and their kin. It was fine. Boring. But fine. Two things about visiting the in laws: I am always roasting and I am always thirsty. I come from a family that keeps you fed and watered, even if you're just dropping off a book you borrowed. Not so his family.

Of course, I'm fat and they aren't, so maybe they are on to something.

Weather forecast calling for WARM this week. I am SO getting on my bike.

Husband's birthday is tomorrow. I made him a lemon cake. And it looks gooooood.

Nighty night.

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