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2004-12-29 - 1:25 p.m.
Short Timer

Ah yes, the "joys" of getting ready to take a few days off.

When half the programming staff is gone.

Holeeeee crap. I've done voice tracking for a week in advance. I've done the stuff Diva usually does, since she is gone.

AND. ANNNNND. We have all these damn holiday specials, so it's not even business as usual...everything is all messed up and in new lists and exceptions to the norm. ICK. I know I am forgetting stuff.

In what may turn out to be either a Really Smart Decision or a Really Stupid Decision, we are going to eat the cost of our airplane tix and drive to DC. We are scheduled to fly Comair thorugh CVG. You know, the airline that CANCELED ALL of their flights one day last week? I just....I just can't. It's the holiday time. Airline travel is a clusterfuck in the best of times. And Husband and I can hack ten hours in the car, especially since the weather is going to be good. And I don't have to worry about our bags going west while we go east. Or something. On the bad side, we have to leave at 0 dark 30. Money wise, we'll save on a rental car, and can leave a day earlier, thus saving on another night in a hotel. So...I guess it won't be too terrible. Tix are totally non refundable. Airlines are a total racket.

So. Plans for DC. Rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night at St John's College High School, where the bride works. Wedding on Friday evening at 6. Wizards game on Sunday. That gives us Saturday for visiting Husband's family and doing some touristy stuff. Plan to go to Arlington Cemetary to visit Gramps' and Grams' grave. Might drive around Arlinton proper to see where my dad lived when he was in high school. Was looking on last night for houses in that area....half a mil for a two bedroom. How do people in cities live? Seriously. What the heck kind of money do you have to be bringing in to afford that much house? When my dad's family live there, Gramps was an AF officer stationed at the Pentagon. It wasn't military housing, and they weren't rich people. They weren't POOR, but I don't think all things being equal, they'd be living in the same place now.

Journal etiquette issue cropped up for me last night. I googled Husband's niece. (I guess she's mine, too, but she was 20 when we got married, so it's not like I'll be part of her childhood memories) And via googling, I found a blog.

And I read it.

HOWEVER. I will never, EVER tell her this, nor will I EVER make use of any of the information I have read in it.

So I think it is ok. She's an interesting young woman.

I guess it is time to get back to herding cats so I can get outta here at a decent time.....


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