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2004-12-25 - 11:39 p.m.
The party's over, it's time to call it a day......

Once again, Husband spent too much money on me. But oh, what he spent it on. Oh yes, she is MINE, MWAHAHAHA.

I made chocolate chip bar cookies this evening to take her for a test drive. (like we need anything else around here containing sugar.....) MAAAARRRRVELOUS. Stuff mixes in a wink. I'm gonna start finding excuses to use it.

Storage is an issue. The counter is really out for long term storage because it takes up the whole damn counter. So it's in the pantry, causing the shelf to bow because it weighs fourteen thousand pounds.

Husband also got me a lamp/clock thingy from Hammacher Schlemmacer that gradually gets brighter as it gets closer to wake up time. Hoping that helps with my waking up issues in the winter time.

My favorite thing was the card he gave me that was sweet and mushy and made my nose sting with those little pinpricks when I read it.

So. We spent last night and today at his sister's house a couple of hours away. It was nice. Kids were rowdy, but on the kid scale, these are good ones. But OH THE TOYS. It was an 0RGY of toys. A kiddie bacchanalia. They were stepping over stuff they just opened to get to what still needed unwrapping. And I had a few moments of "ohmygod I am SO bored I cannot STAND it"....the menfolk are talking sports (YAWN) and the womenfolk were engaged with the kidlets, talking of all things kid (SNORE). But not to worry, I behave well in public.

And get this. Not quite midnight on Christmas, and my thank you notes are written and addressed and ready to go out. HA. I'm compulsive about it because if I don't do them, they nag and nag at me.

We didn't get home in time this evening for the Giant Roast Beast. I will do that for tomorrow's dinner. We are still in search of shallots. Husband went to FOUR grocery stores on CHRISTMAS EVE looking for them. Personally, I would have called it quits after one. But my sweet little Istvan....I've sent him on a mission, and by gum, he's going to accomplish it.

Getting a little nervous about the whole DC trip. I worry. It's what I do. Thing in the HELL to pack our formalwear so that it doesn't look like it was run over by a truck. Thing two...what if the luggage gets lost? Thing there's the whole driving a rental car around DC and knowing where the hell we are. And this is when I recite my traveling mantra: "Dumber people than you can do this".

I'm really hoping we can have fun. We'll ring in the new year at a black tie party, celebrating my cousin's wedding. We'll have a couple of days to tour DC and do the touristy stuff. Smithsonian. Visit my grandparents' grave at Arlington. Visit his sister and their family. We're even going to an NBA game.

So the potential for fun is there.

Hey. May your days be merry and bright.

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radiogurl - 2004-12-26 01:41:39
BWAHAHAHA!! I love Christmas with a 'tude! Merry Christmas and have (safe) fun at the New Years' party!
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