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2004-12-23 - 6:18 p.m.
Snow Day

Yeah, I gotcher white Christmas right here.

Decided to take a snow day today. Oh, I coulda made it in. The Subaru is all wheel drive with a nice low center of gravity...the only thing I worry about is getting high centered.

But J called this morning and canceled her recording session, which was the only "hafta" that I had today. So I emailed my boss and told him I was taking a snow chores were done, I was going to use the VPN to check and double check some automation stuff, and since I was originally planning to work only half a day anyway, Captain Freezy was coming in to cover my newscasts anyway. Besides. I have cramps.

Did venture out because J and DQ and I had a lunch date. We went to a local Mexican place here in the 'hood and had a fun time. They drank margaritas and we all had the special...seafood enchiladas with rice and beans for like 4 bucks. YUM. And yes, I know, we are kind of far inland for seafood. Tough noogies.

Stopped off at the butcher shop and paid an UNGODLY amount for a rib roast. I better not burn this sucker, that's all I can say. Sent Husband a list of things to get to accompany the roast beast we'll be having on Saturday evening.

Managed a little tidying up...vacuumed the living room, which makes it look a BILLION times better. Wrapped all the gifts I had at hand.

OK, rant time. (C'mon, you were wondering if it was really me, what with no bitching for several paragraphs, weren't you?)

What do you think the big story around here is today? Here's a hint, look at the picture at the top of the page. OK, so, Captain Freezy comes in to cover my shift, which is three hours on the air. HOWEVER, in my efforts to make things as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, I have done ALL the breaks EXCEPT three 2 minute newscasts and two 30 second weather spots. I mean, those really have to be done close to air time, right?

So what do I hear as I am at the dining room table wrapping My Pretty Pony? Yep. MY voice doing YESTERDAY'S weather. I mean COME ON. It's this kind of simple shit that just makes me nucking futs. THERE ARE SEVEN INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND, and the day after tomorrow is CHRISTMAS. Do you think maybe the ONE thing listeners are going to want is a CURRENT WEATHER FORECAST?!?! He has a total of ten and a half minutes of stuff to record, and he can't friggen' remember to update the weather? GAH. I sent a rather terse email noting his error, then I changed the automation so the old weather wouldn't run AGAIN. I told him verbally yesterday to remember the weather. I have it in the damn ops manual, FLAGGED WITH A POST IT and outlined in YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER. I did every damn break I could reasonably do ahead of time, and STILL, it gets fucked up.


Just. Gah.

OK. Now you know it's me? Gonna be colder than a swedish well digger's behind here for the next few days. ( I know that because I saw it on tv, not because I heard it on our station.....) The moon is already out, and the sky is clear. Have to admit, the lights and the moon and stuff look pretty reflected off the snow.

Wore my new boots today...toasty warm, but they have the same problem I remember from childhood....they eat my socks. Anyone know how to make this stop? I can't NOT wear socks, for heaven's sake, but after three steps, they're coming off in the toe of my boot. And REALLLLLLY bugging me. I remember when I was a kid, my mom put breadbags over my shoes, but I think that was just so I could get my boots on and off, and had nothing to do with my socks.

Tomorrow is another half day, then it's a two hour drive to the in law holiday. Cool thing is, we managed to weasel quite nicely out of going to mass. Yay us. Last year was a MADHOUSE. I've never heard such NOISE in a CHURCH. Yuck. Otherwise, it should be a perfectly pleasant time.

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radiogurl - 2004-12-23 20:22:59
Wow - white Christmas, indeed! Beautiful :) I only *wish* I could take a day off. Maybe someday...
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