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2004-12-12 - 12:41 a.m.

Well poop.

Weather sucked and the aircraft was inop. (needed a fuse or somesuch) So we met the instructor and went out to see the airplanes.

This is the plane I was supposed to go up in...same model, anyhow. It's used by the USAF as a trainer. It's made of a composite material...NO rivets. None. Burns about half the fuel of a Cessna, too. I'm rescheduled for next Saturday. Let's hope the weather cooperates. I told the CFI that I'd had my certificate, but that I wouldn't be able to get a medical, but it might be kind of cool to rent a plane and a CFI every few weeks just to go up for some practice. At 100 plus bucks an hour, it's not something I can afford very often, that's for sure.

In other news, I am a SUCKY wife. Co worker of Husband had a party tonight, and I just flat out didn't go. Didn't wanna, and I didn't. Husband was fine with it. But I still feel guilty, because that's what spouses do...we go to our partners' crappy boring functions. Husband didn't lie about my whereabouts, really. He said I'd been baking all day and was exhausted and didn't feel great. OK, two out of three. I HAD been baking all day, and I was exhausted, but I felt fine.

Ah the baking. Grrr. Cookie presses are my nemesis. I think I'm on my third one. My mom had one for 25 years before she got another one. Got one made by Wilton, and it seemed to do the trick, though I can't use it with parchment....the cookies won't release onto the sheet....not enough stickum to the paper, I guess, to pull it out of the press. Made two different kinds of cookies, the press cookies (which are usually my faves, and I think taste yicky and bland this time) and jam thumprints. Still to go, Hungarian filled cookies, lemon cake, maybe chocolate chips, and maybe brownies. I decided to get disposable loaf pans and bake a couple of batches of Lemon Cake . It freezes well, so I can make up several, toss them in the freezer, and have something for a hostess gift if need be. Besides, I'll need to use up all the buttermilk I had Husband buy......I throw away more of that stuff when I make lemon cake. Though Husband has made pancakes with it.....'s way too late, and I should it the sack.

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