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2004-12-10 - 11:05 p.m.
Yeesh, I'm pathetic!

OH good heavens, you big sillies! I wasn't whining for attention in that last entry, just whining about the need to keep things under lock and key, as it were.

Ugh. Another friday. I swear, I was about to blow my stack a wee bit today. I have to twiddle my thumbs until the morning person goes home, because while she's at work, she's constantly flitting in and out of the production studio. Work in production for 15 minutes, call sister. Work in production 20 minutes, call someone for an interview. It's sort of assumed that the room is hers as long as she's at work. OK. It's assumed by her. So finally, she leaves. I finish lunch, and head into the studio to get some voice tracking done.

No can do.

Seems that Captain Freezy has absconded with the two huge binders that contain all of our underwriting messages. In other words, he's got all my copy. Grumble grumble, I get all I can POSSIBLY get done w/o the copy, then hunt him down and grumble some more. We attempt to share, but I still have gaping holes, because he's got the copy I need. Grumble. I grab the copy while he's on his billionth smoke or bathroom break of the day, and photocopy it.

Finally. I can get to work. Oh. Wait. Door to transmitter room is open...too noisy. Go to close the door and am HIT with a wall of heat. Yipes. Check telemetry screen and see that exhaust air temp is 65 degrees...about 20 degrees TOO HOT. Call engineer. He's on his way. He calls HVAC guy.

Cool. NOW I can get to work. oop. Promos are done feeding, now time to tag those and put them in audiovault. Okey doke, to cut news casts.


But it all got done, and I got outta there earlyish.

Tomorrow, I am hoping for decent weather. A few weeks ago, Husband and I did the on hold for a local airfield. Our pay was to be a flight in the Diamond. Husband doesn't wanna go, but I DO! Even found my headset. I'm supposed to go up tomorrow morning, wx permitting. I'm very excited. It's going to make me want to fly again, I know. Can't do that for a couple of reasons, money and medical. We certainly can't afford it, and I'd never get a medical. Prozac is a big NO-NO. Apparently, the FAA would rather you be all depressed and unmedicated when you fly around, rather than medicated and not depressed. But that's ok...I can go up, poke some holes in the sky, and get a feel for it again. I'll take the camera tomorrow, maybe post a pic of me looking all pilot-y.

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radiogurl - 2004-12-11 07:37:24
Woooo... flying? I'm officially jealous, though at the moment I'd just be thrilled with a CAR!
LA - 2004-12-12 00:24:09
Wow. Just wow. How freeing! ~LA
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