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2004-11-26 - 5:33 p.m.
The circle of life.....

We had a real circle of life thing going in the family this week.

Called the parents in FL yesterday as we were leaving the in laws'. Our day in the In Laws' REALLY REALLY WARM house was fine. But warm. My convo with the parents was fine. We've been awaiting my cousin J's baby, and no one had any baby news yet.

Got home and were in the house no more than two minutes when the phone rang. CID said it was my parents. "Hmmm." I think. "This is mildly concerning, since I just talked with them 40 minutes ago"

Don't you hate when the person on the other end said "I have good news and bad news".


First the good. Cousin's baby was born Weds. Healthy girl named Abigail. I was expecting the next sentence to be that one of my uncles was in the hospital for Something Very Bad. But no. My aunt's father died on Weds. (I s'pose she's my "aunt in law", married to my mom's brother...but she's my auntie and we email almost every day).

It's not so much that he died, but how. He'd been unwell, with a touch of dementia, and had been in a nursing facility, but had been wandering from the place. So the doctors and administrators suggested they move him to a different facility, with better security, so he couldn't wander. They moved him. Three hours later, he wandered off. Rather, he wandered out a third floor window. The story is here .

We won't be going to the funeral, but I sent a plant. Small condolence, I know.

So yeah. We had the circle of life thing going pretty good....

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radiogurl - 2004-11-27 04:40:10
Oh my... How awful! *Hugs* I'm sorry for your family. I am guessing that the family will pursue things further with the long-term care facility where this happened. I don't know if there's any real recourse available, but I would suspect that at the very least, it bears looking into. :(
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