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2004-11-28 - 3:21 p.m.
HOW much?

Is this possible? I dinked around with my computer today because it was running SO SLOOOOOWWWWWLY, and just out of curiosity, I changed screen resolution stuff, and it is now practically ZOOMING along. Huh. I spyware, less than half the hard drive is full, I had defragged....I was beyond puzzled. The only thing I could figure is there was something goofy with the video, because it was taking forever to respond to any kind of command that changed the screen.

Maybe just coincidence....whatever...I'm much gladder now than I was last night at midnight after it was all appearing to be toes up. A new computer is NOT on the list. Especially not after Friday night.

I noticed around 8:30 that it was cold in the house. Husband dinked with the thermostat, and nothing happened. More dinking. More nothing. Uh oh. I called the HVAC company, who has 24/7 service. They called the guy on call (and yes, I felt bad, because I know how much being on call SUCKS. But then I felt less bad because Furnace Guy is probably getting paid for being on call, where I am not.) Furnace Guy calls me and has me do a couple of things in case those things would fix it and we could all avoid the service call. Nope. After I FINALLY found the little glass eye window thingy, I called him back and said "it's blinking". "How many times?" "Three". "Oh. I gotta come out for sure. You have a bad pressure switch". Um. Ok.

So. Furnace Guy doesn't leave until about 1. Husband dealt with it all, and took the well deserved scolding for the FEEEEELTHY air filers. Finally, Furnace Guy left. I asked Husband how much the total was. "Five hundred something". "No. Really." "I'm serious". "Nuh Uh". "Yuh huh. Why do you think I asked how much was in our equity account?"

Gulp. Amazing how half a grand can be gone just like that. I mean, the furnce needs to be's not like I can turn the oven on broil and we can be all toasty from that. So we pay for it. But yikes. And it's a relatively new unit..less than ten years. Part of the cost was for the service agreement....the company comes out twice a year and inspects stuff...A/c in the spring, heat in the fall, and you get to go to the top of the fix it list when you need them. Not such an issue in Nov, but QUITE an issue in January, when everyone's furnace conks out on the coldest night of the year.

Anyway. Banal stuff, to be sure.

I have been "sedentary lifestyle" poster child this weekend. I have slept late. I had lunch with a friend. I have sat on my ass and crocheted. I tell myself that's ok, because I'm making presents. I made corn casserole and baked apples for dinner last night, while Husband made a couple of steaks. OK, that corn casserole? AMAZING. Simple, too. Too bad it takes a cup of sour cream AND a stick of butter. But YUM.

But I look around the house and see SO MUCH that needs to be done, and I just don't have the gumption to do it. SO I feel guilty for sitting. It's like, if there's stuff to be done, and I don't do it, I am a Bad and Lazy person. OK, I'll cop to lazy. But sheesh. It's not like the health department is going to come in. The kitchen is tidy, the sink is clean. The's mostly ok. Could stand a little spritzing. And a vacuum. Dining room? Repository of stuff right now, that needs to be rectified. And the living room....not TOO bad, except for my nest. Yarn and yarn bits, magazines.....the ottoman pulled over to the sofa. And mail. Good god the mail. And with xmas coming, that will only get worse. We could drown in our mail in a week. It's just gross. Covering the top of the buffet. And most of it crap.

Hm. Perhaps I will go and tidy Just One Thing. I did dust the living room today, and that felt pretty good. Those Swiffer duster things are way cool.

Toodles and loo...

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