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2004-11-24 - 10:40 p.m.
Lockdown. Day Two.

Bummed about the lockdown, but I FREAKED when I was checking my was something SO innocent. Co-worker said she'd been googling that rev0-styler thingie....I didn't think anything of it. Until I checked my stats and found that someone had happened upon the journal using that search term. And the only place it turns up in my diary is in a comment by someone. It might not be anything...the date on the hit was sunday, and I DON'T think co-worker has a computer at home that she spends any time on.

But just in case. If people at work started reading this thing, it would be just darn unpleasant. Hurt feelings all over the place. And I don't want that. Not to say I don't mean what I say when I vent, but that it's a vent, yanno? For the most part, I get along fine with people, and I would like to keep it that way.

Made an apple crostada to take to the in laws' tomorrow. My first attempt at it...I know, bad idea, to make something for the first time when it needs to impress, or at least be presentable. Looks pretty good...but I just don't DO flaky pastry very we shall see.

Yanno how I've been complaining about the sucky weather? Well. Tonight we had some Thundersnow. Yeah, it rained all day, then freezing rain, and wind, and snow, and now thunder. Great god much can a girl take?!?

So. It's to the inlaws' tomorrow, then veging out the rest of the time. Perhaps I will bake my ass off. Jam thumbprints. Hungarian kifli. Brownies. I have a freezer, I mean to fill it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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