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2004-11-22 - 11:28 a.m.
Passwords now.......

Oh gulp. In checking my stats, It appears someone from work may have come across this journal while innocently searching for something else.

I don't feel so good. I hate to password protect it. But it could be ugly if people kept poking around.....

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LA - 2004-11-22 22:03:45
Got em, used em (obviously), and am sorry that you need em. Thanks for including me in! ~LA
radiogurl - 2004-11-23 19:45:18
Awww - I'm sorry to hear that, but I certainly understand. My daughter has my diary addy but my boss has barely mastered the art of email. I don't worry too much about him finding anything unless I leave the page open, and then it's my own fault!
Fuzzmom - 2004-11-23 21:25:20
Aw, hon, I'm sorry. It's always so hard when that happens. *hugs* Thank you for including me.
lorster - 2004-11-24 12:13:59
Gah. Stupid coworkers. Actually, that is my single worst nightmare. I feel your pain. Thanks for heads-upping me on the password info!!
Pandionna - 2004-11-24 18:52:57
Thanks so much for sending me the magic ingredients! Coworkers: Yet another reason I'm on hiatus. Too many identifying things. "Gee, a health writer in northern Virginia who has birds and who just separated from a man named Dan." The turtle pond has been sucked out entirely. When I start over, I'm going to start fresh.
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