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2004-11-21 - 11:04 p.m.
Dirty Bugger

Only left the house once this weekend, because I had to for skating practice. Otherwise, I baked, crocheted (I now have a neato coolo scarf that doesn't look homemade), and did a couple of loads of laundry. Only two.

Housework has me overwhelmed. Because everywhere I look, there is clutter. So I feel like nothing can be helped. Wait...the kitchen is clean. (thanks to Husband building me a pantry) But there's stuff in the dining room. I've built myself a nest in the living room. The bathroom was skeeving me out every time I went into it. (God but I hate those dang shower doors. FILTH trappers, they are.)(Aside to LA, the Plumber's stupid an idea is it to remove those doors from my fiberglass tub surround? Can I fill the screw holes with something?) Our bedroom was a MESS. When was the last time we traveled? Like, 6 weeks ago? Suitcase not entirely unpacked and still sitting on the cedar chest. And OH the dust! I'm seeing more and more similarities between my house and the houses on How Clean Is Your House. I was walking around today muttering about how we are "dirty buggers".

So. Cleaned the bedroom. Looks MUCH better. Husband, bless him, cleaned the toilet and vacuumed most of the house. Still not mother in law or mother ready, but I'm no longer totally disgusted by it.

The sun came out this afternoon. Not sure what to make of a sky that isn't gray in color....

Thanks goodness for the short work week. It will mean I have to work my ass off to take the time off, but still...time off is time off......

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