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2004-03-28 - 8:11 p.m.
That was an ego boost!

Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I've decided to start skating again. The main reason is that they've moved the practices to Sunday evenings. I went out there tonight for a skating session, just to get my "ice legs" back. I haven't been on skates since before I was married. (18 months ago today)

Well, what a nice welcome I got! Lots of "we missed yous" and hugs and "wow. you've lost weight!"

And I managed not to fall...actually skated ok. My knees are going to be a problem, I can tell. But I think I'm ready to be back. Nice people, and I did miss it.

OK weekend. Managed 7 miles on the bike yesterday and 8 today. Fund drive is going on, so that's just nuts. More transmission line troubles yesterday....we were off the air most of the day on one station. NOT good when you're trying to raise money.

But a week from today, it'll be over, and most of the staff will be on vacation. Wheeeee!

Husband's birthday is today. I got him a new bike seat. Didn't even wrap it. I totally suck. I MUST give him b!rthday sex tonight.....poor boy.


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LA - 2004-03-28 20:29:09
Happy Birthday, Colz Hub! ~LA
Pandionna - 2004-03-28 21:39:05
Geez...only hadda type this a million times...BUT... Ditto LA and you getcher skate legs on, girlie...that's some bomb, yah...did I ever tell you my nickname is Ice? Yes. You skate to yer heart's content, ma'am.
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