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2004-03-26 - 8:20 a.m.
HOW much???

wHEEEE. Friday. Of course, as this is the first day of our station's spring fundraiser, I don't get a real weekend for the next two.

But oh well, I guess. It's like finals week twice a year.

Have some very interesting hits this week, from some very weird searches. My google searches tend to be rather boring...back pain, weight watchers point values, stuff like that. I'm getting hits on words I don't even remember stringing together....

Last night while I was playing on the compute, I was searcing on I like to see what's out there in my city, and sometimes take a cruise to different cities, just for comparison purposes.

Hello? How does anyone live in NYC area? Seriously. I did a search on Glen Cove, NY, on LI. It's where part of my family is from, and the great aunt who died this month lived there. NOTHING at less than 300K. And that 300K house was a lot like Husband's bachelor house, which we sold for, oh, a tenth of that. Our house, half a mil, easily. Again, I paid a tenth of that. Do salaries just START at 100 grand? I mean, is that what people make when they work at McD's or Starbucks? Because I can't imagine how anyone can afford anything other than a refrigerator box to live in.

For comparison's sake,

this is what 450 K gets you where I live.

Thisis what that same money gets you in Queens.

Seriously. I am appalled. How does a "regular" person afford a house? To rent OR own, because I know rents ain't cheap, either?

I guess there are trade offs. We have not much night life, no mountains or oceans (but lots of lakes w/in an hour's drive), craptastic weather and few jobs.

But you can buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood for 60 grand.

Blessing counted, I guess.

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Pandionna - 2004-03-26 09:08:19
There's a 680 ft. efficiency condo for sale in Arlington, VA, for $335K. Lovely.
LA - 2004-03-26 13:00:46
Why do you think they're all stampeding up here? In 3 years the median house price in our county went from $142K to $367K. Poor people can go screw. Working class people can go screw. A stockbroker from Bay Ridge just moved into his 9,000sq-ft, 12 bathroom McMansion on what used to be your grandparent's farm. I had a rueful laugh back when you sold Hub's house. You can't even buy a cemetery plot for $31K around here. ~LA the Bitter Survivor of the Incroaching City Idiots and their McMansions
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