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2004-03-23 - 7:59 p.m.

It's an interesting thing, perspective.

LA said the nicest thing to me in yesterday's comments. And it was interesting to me, because I don't ever think of myself as the things she said. I'm always focused on how I should be better, kinder, thinner, smarter, richer, more loving, more patient.

Are we ever good enough? I will never be.

I kicked ASS for a fat chick in spinning class today. Hell. I kicked ass for anyone, big or small. And my feeling good about my ass kicking was dashed at the end, when I saw the chick in the spandex with the 20 inch waist.

Why do we do that to ourselves? OK, why do I do that to MYself?

There's this magazine in our city...focuses on women's health matters. It's really quite fluffy, and the cover subject is usually some mover and shaker soccer mom type. Today's cover was someone I went to college with. She's a big wig at a local law firm. She has three blonde haired little girls, and a pretty blonde husband (college sweethearts). Barely 5 feet tall, maybe 100 pounds. AFTER three babies. And the article talks about how they like to do things as a family, and she loves going to court, and it's important that her kids eat good foods......

And like when I deal with Junior League Perfect Women, I got all schlumpy feeling again.

Please. NO MORE articles about the Illusion of Perfect. Please. I beg. Interview me. My house is a mess, and I'm working really hard at losing more weight and exercising because I'm a candidate for diabetes and I'm sick of my knees hurting. I finally was able to get on the ball after dealing with depression that's plagued me probably all my life. I love my husband, I'm good at my (low powered) job, and I'm USUALLY pretty happy with how my life is turning out until I see another damn article about how easy it is for every other woman in the world to be perfect. "See how she can be a partner in a law firm and take her three girls camping on the weekends".

Please. I want to see an article where someone tells us it's OK to cut ourselves a little slack. It's OK to use refrigerated cookie dough. Staying in your jammies until 1 on Saturday is fine.

We ALL need a little perspective.

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LA - 2004-03-23 22:43:55
I know one of that type very well. We went to high school together. Still a size 4 after TWINS. Always cool, always unmussed, even her kids are perfect. One is a model and the other is a goddamn professional ballerina. Husband's a doctor, she has a PR firm...ON THE SIDE. I swear her billables are higher than the GNP of many small countries and she claims she only 'dabbles' in public relations. Know what else? she had TWO nannies (one for each kid), a live-in housekeeper, weekly gardeners, and her husband (the doctor) comes from old money. She's never flea dipped her own dog or washed a single dish. Of course she has time to be flawless, all the scut work is done for her. ~LA
Pandionna - 2004-03-24 13:58:50
Ever see the comic strip Baby Blues? The mother in that strip has a neighbor like the woman you describe. I think the neighbor's name is "Bunny." I think we all know a Bunny.
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