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2004-03-18 - 10:41 p.m.
Bummer week

Oy. Whatta week.

On Tuesday, Captain Freezy had a meltdown the likes of which he hasn't had in ages. Lots of profanity, name calling, etc, etc.

So he's been "off" for the rest of this week. Big Boss and I had to meet with him and write him up and tell him A: This is strike one, and B: you WILL get counseling.

Aw hell, if work would pay for ME to see a counselor, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

My poor parents have had a truly hell day. My dad's aunt died, and they were flying this morning to NY for the funeral. (My dad's family is from LawnGuyland) They can't get out of here on time, because it was foggy. They had various flights delayed and canceled and lord knows what the course of the day, I think they had tix on three different airlines. So in the chaos, their LUGGAGE got sent on ahead. Ahead to where, no one knows. The security person here put it on the wrong flight. THEN parents were told they couldn't get on a flight w/o their luggage being with them on that flight. Never mind that it was the AIRLINE who had fubar'd up everything. So. Bottom line is...parents finally made it to their hotel in Great Neck, and no one even knows what airline their luggage was on. (Mind you, this was a 14 hour process...I think they could have driven it in 10. And not lost their luggage in the process) They have a Seriously Catholic funeral to go to in the morning, and nothing to wear but their travelin' clothes. Great way for the midwesterners to make an impression on the fancy schmancy Long Island relatives, huh? I suggested to my dad they contact the concierge at their hotel and see what could be done. After all, isn't that what concierges do? Besides, they're practically in NYC....if ya can't find appropriate funeral clothes at just about any hour in NYC, where can you find them?

But anyway...I just feel badly for them. This isn't a branch of the family we see much, and I would just be MORTIFIED to have them think I was a bumpkin from Indiana. I mean, I may BE a bumpkin, but I try not to act like one.

I'm kind of sorry that Husband and I didn't go...I would like to see the family, would like to see Glen Cove, NYC, etc. I mean, on that side of the family, I have Brooklyn roots, for goodness sake! I'd like to get a load of them.

So anyway. I'm just in a poopy mood. Too many funerals, I guess. We lost a volunteer at the station this week. NOT expected at all...massive stroke over the weekend. For some reason, I'm really bothered by this one. Maybe because it was so unexpected.

I'm just...glum.

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Pandionna - 2004-03-19 14:41:55
Awww, I'm sorry things are so poopie right now.
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