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2004-03-14 - 11:50 p.m.
Another one zips by....


This house is The Project That Would Never End.

Though it's getting close. Husband, bless his soul, finished the floor today. His trim work is AMAZING. Really. He's not fast, but boy can that man miter corners.

Drama Queen came over today and helped my put up my pictures. She REALLY has an eye. She had a party last night, and he house looks LOVELY. Just wonderful touches all over. So I asked her to come over and help with some of my finishing touches. It was a total girlfriend afternoon...which was so cool for me! (And our of character) I'd say we're 90 some percent done. The dining room looks...amazing. I think I'm going to paint the corner cupboards the same color as the trim...I'm not wild about the dark wood, and they aren't particularly "good" furniture. Husband disagrees. But I think there's too much wood going on in there. (will post some pix soon)

Party last night was much fun. Heh. The Prozac must REALLLLLY be working on me, as I was actually looking FORWARD to the party. I never look forward to parties. NEVER. But I was looking forward to this one, and we all had a nice time. Now with my new looking digs, I may be ready to host one of my own soon.

Gadzooks. I'm practically cheerful. Who AM I?

Hm. Sunday. Work tomorrow. WHINNNEEE.

That's better.

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