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2004-02-12 - 7:55 p.m.
I now pronounce you wife and wife

First, go read this, then come back here.

Back now? Good.

Now, if ya wanna know how I feel about the issue, I think I summed it up nicely here.

Seriously. Can anyone come up with a good argument against gay marriage that doesn't include the words "god" or "unnatural"? cuz yanno, not everyone buys into the same idea of a deity, even if you (general you) think your version is correct, and everyone should share your beliefs.

If gays can't be married and enjoy the same benefits as other taxpayin' citizens, if their citizenship is less than full by virtue of their gayness, then let's just exempt them from having to pay taxes. I'm serious. If their government doesn't give them the same rights as us straights, then they shouldn't have to foot the same bills as the rest of us.

The other argument I hear (heard it today, as a matter of fact) is the old "today two men or two women get married, tomorrow it's people marrying their dogs, or marrying children".

No. Because a dog or a child can't CONSENT to that relationship. An adult human CAN.

"Marriage is for raising children".

Hmm. Husband and I aren't going to have kids. Should we have not been married? (the pastor who hooked us up in front of god n everybody knew of our non kid intentions) Is our marriage less valid? My cousin and her partner have two little girls. So I guess THEY should be the ones who are legally married, not Husband and me.

"It's against the Bible". OK, I think that particular verse (is it Leviticus?)is used as a sin trump card. The Bible also says not to eat shellfish or touch pigskin, but we do those things. How come homos got to come out with the Top Sin of All Time?

And here's the other thing....There are lots of people with interpretations of the Bible that differ. See above RE: God.

So straight people can get married to someone they just met, get married as "a joke", be married an unlimited number of times, can get married in a friggin DRIVE THROUGH, and somehow straights have the market cornered on the "sanctity" of the institution?

Isn't there something in that Bible about specks and motes in people's eyes?

If a church doesn't want to marry gay couples, that's cool. There are probably churches that wouldn't have married Husband and me because we didn't adhere to their belief system. Understandable, and no one is saying that all churches will be forced to marry gay couples. But should a gay couple be able to go to the judge or the JP or the mayor or whomever and have a civil marriage identical to the one hetero couples have? Yep. Should gay friendly churches be able to marry gay couples IF THEY SO DESIRE? Yep.

Finally....what business is it of yours? Or mine? Or the freakin' government? Really? It totally makes me no never mind if the couple next door is straight or gay. As long as the dogs don't bark, the kids don't scream, and the parties aren't loud, I don't care.

And no one should. Let's stick to our own knitting, shall we? If the self righteous are correct, and being gay is the Numero Uno of sins, well, then, I guess gay people will need to take that up with god when they get to the gate. But really...what's it to ya?

Not as brilliant as LA's entry, but it'll do....

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LA - 2004-02-12 20:33:13
Well said! VERY well said. We do each other proud, you covered ground I cannot go to without my head throbbing, the endless pushy faces and pointy "Thou Art Damned!" fingers of those who believe it's their 'divine' right (har har) to make LAW of THEIR religious beliefs. GAHHHHHHHHHHH! See? Now I need a Tylenol. Not your fault, it's THEIRS. On that exclamatory note, good night. ~LA
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