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2003-03-27 - 5:15 p.m.
My Day

So,here's my day--probably not much for those of you who are out building bridges or writing novels or doing rocket science...but it was damn busy for radio, and more busy than I like.

Got to work shortly after 10. Found the boss in the studio I'd reserved for 10:30. Swell. I'm already behind schedule. Tonight's symphony program has arrived (finally) on CD. I take the CDs and rip them into my computer, along with the fill music for post concert.

10:45--begin recording session that was supposed to begin at 10:30. Session ends about 11:50, and I have time to edit the program that airs tonight at 6.

Noon--have a Strategic Planning Committee meeting. Dunno how or why I am on this committee, but I am.

1 pm--meeting ends, I check out a crisis on one of the stations and go grab lunch at Taco Hell.

1:45--back in the office, TRYING to eat lunch, but having no luck, as people keep talking with me. While eating my burrito, import the ripped wav files from this morning into our broadcast computer so we can air them this evening.

The rest of the afternon was spent in production, putting promos in the system, recordng spots for automation, and double checking macros. Which I need to do again....

I know, it doesn't seem busy. But trust is. I even had a Dark Sider (admin dept) come down to ask me something yesterday, and say "geeze...don't you guys do anything but work down here? There's a lot of chatter at my end".

Thank god someone noticed.


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