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2003-03-23 - 9:44 p.m.
Why don't I just move in?

So, here I am at work for the SECOND time today, waiting until the news is supposed to come on at the top of the hour before I will change going home again.

This war stuff is a huge pain in the broadcasting ass.

The boss finally decided around 5 this evening what he wanted to do with the programming for tonight and tomorrow morning. So I had to come in and wave my magic wand and make it so. However, at 9, I got a worried call from the board op, telling me that things did NOT go according to plan. I had been listening to the break, and knew that, telling Husband "I have to go back to work". When the board op called, I had a mild flip out at him. "I SO want to quit this stupid job. I am SO SICK of having all this responsibility".

So, I rolled in and checked things out. Seems the situation is that the automation WAS doing what it was told to do....but one step was one had scheduled the newscasts. So instead of the demods dialing up the news, they were dead. And the computer was just doing what I told it, which was putting the selected demods on the air. Too bad they didn't have anything on them. I got on the computer and scheduled the newscasts throughout the night, so I THINK things should be ok. But I'm sticking around for a while to make sure at least the ten o'clock goes ok.

So annoying, how we live our lives. We act like what we do is So Important, and it's not. And everyone, in every job, does it. I mean, I'm in RADIO, for god's sake, and I'm sleeping with my damn cell phone next to me. For what? Money? HAHAHA. Respect? Nope. NOTHING. For NOTHING. For nastygrams and recriminations and fingerpointing, that's what.

The important stuff is what I manage to fit in around all the work garbage. A trip to Target with Husband. A few minutes of snuggle time when we wake up(only on the weekends, of course, because we are bizzy bizzy bizzy during the week) I'm going to have to miss a nephew's birthday party (and in-law family get together) because our suspended fund drive will be ending that day.

We as a society are just so messed up about work.

So my weekend was spent making sure I was always within hearing distance of my cell phone, and cleaning. Yes, we did a big cleaning of Husband's house. The kitchen sink is stopped up, which made it extra challenging.

The war stuff....I dunno how I feel right now. I want it to end. But I'm equally sick of protesters and pro-war-ers. All the tv coverage I have seen make the former look like uninformed lefties, and the latter look as though it is just another football game to win.

I want it all to go away. The war, everything.

My vacation has worn off, methinks.

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