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2003-03-11 - 12:49 p.m.
Back to work

Going back to work was only mildly traumatic. Which is good. Fund drive starts friday. That is bad. It is going to be one long ass week. Given the economic realities of our nation and our community, this is going to be a tough one. To get mercenary for a moment, we make new friends when there is a Major News Event. They know they can come to us and our network for quality coverage. So, sickening as it is to say it, war is good for our ratings. Now, if those new friends would just pledge, we'd be in good shape.

I am hoping war doesn't come. I can't believe our president is just ignoring the UN, the Pope, the leaders of his own church, a good segment of his own citizens, etc, etc, and going ahead with his plans for war. The US doesn't attack people. And if Hussein HAS all these nasty weapons, at least right now he isn't using them. Methinks THAT will change when we freakin' attack him. It's not a football game, which is how many people are treating it. "Go America, kick his butt!" People are going to come home in body bags, and the people are going to Flip Out.

I have bad feelings about all this. And I'll say it here....I think our president is a bozo.

And, being an American, I have the right to say that. At least as of now....

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LA - 2003-03-11 13:18:09
Just as long as you don't say it at Crossroads Mall, outside Albany! Did you see the story about how some guy was arrested there for wearing a t-shirt which said, "Give Peace A Chance"? ARRESTED!!! FOR WEARING A T-SHIRT! Excuse me? I know he's been trying, but Dubbya hasn't suspended the First Amendment...yet. ~LA
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