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2003-03-11 - 9:34 p.m.
Wonderful Husband is in the doghouse

Husband is in doody right now. And the poor man isn't quite sure why.

I know why, and that's all that matters, right?

I am sulking for the remainder of the evening.

After we went to the Y, we went over to his stupid fucking albatross of a house to see the job the painters did. They did a faboo job. Place looks really nice.

On our way out, I saw ex's crap in the kitchen and said something about sending it to her. "No, I'm just going to take it". "When do you think you'll do that?" said I. "Weekend after next, I guess". I asked, "So what are you going to do with me?" "I can drop you at (sister's)"


"geeze. Why don't you just make me sit in the car while you go in?"

He doesn't get it. He Does. Not. Understand. Why. I. Am. Ticked. How fucking INSULTING is that? He'll drop me at his sister's so that what, she can BABYSIT me?

Look, I know he's married to me, not her, and I know that being jealous isn't attractive. I'm not even sure if this is jealousy, per se. THE WOMAN LEFT HER CRAP ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO. THERE'S NO REASON FOR HIM TO FUCKING ESCORT IT BACK TO HER. When he finally DID ask what my problem was, I explained that I think it's ridiculous for him to make a special trip that's two hours each way to take her this crap she LEFT almost a decade ago, and then to deposit me at his sister's...well, I said I was beginning to wonder just whose feelings he was worrying about.

I am pissed. I am sulking. He is downstairs watching tv. He can jolly well fix this. I've run this situation by people. To a PERSON, it's been a quizzical look, followed by "just call her and tell her you have her stuff, and if she wants it, she can come get it". The only time we fight, it's over ex issues. HE DOESN'T OWE HER ANYTHING. But he still acts like he does sometimes, and it pisses me off!

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Andria - 2003-03-11 23:25:14
I think if she left it over ten years ago and hasn't bothered to get it herself, you should pitch the stupid stuff!!! Obviously she doesn't desperately need it. Get a nice big trash bag, release some aggression pitching it all out, and save yourself some gas! Geez! :) Andria
Nabiki - 2003-03-12 13:12:21
Amen! If that worthless BLEEP left stuff TEN YEARS AGO, toss it! Burn it as her in effigy. Don't take that crap from him. (yeah I have similiar issues, I'm all feeling your pain)
jaysez - 2003-03-13 11:12:55
You could always gather it all up and see what kind of money you could get for it on Ebay or! =)
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