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2003-03-09 - 10:22 p.m.

Sunday night, and I'm having my usual "gotta go to work tomorrow" IBS attack. Fun fun.

How come the week off went by SO FAST? I could use more time, really. But fund drive starts on Friday, which sucks in a big way.

We did some cleaning up of Husband's house this weekend. Ex has a shitload of stuff there, and I told him to call her today, because we were making a trash run tonight. No use storing her crap any longer. He didn't call. I'm a wee bit frustrated...I'm FINE with it. If she's your friend, then have her be your friend, but don't be all wussy about calling her. Or whatever. It's just so fucking odd. And I ask him, in a non angry/upset way what is going through his mind, and he can't even articulate it. Boys.

Anyway...the painter will be there tomorrow and Tuesday...YAY. I am hoping we can call the realtor in the next couple of weeks. Please oh please...

Made spaghetti sauce for dinner, and, as usual, I burned it. I think my problem must be coming from the aunt (whose recipe this is) has a gas stove...I guess medium flame and medium heat aren't the same was a little scorched, but still pretty good. Weird thing, though....when I washed the pan, the burned stuff on the bottom came up in one thin and crispy disc. It was freaky. But at least I didn't have much scrubbing to do.....

I think it's drug assisted sleep tonight...otherwise I'll be up stewing about work all night. FUUUUUUCK.

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