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2003-03-04 - 11:08 p.m.
Appointments on vacation....

Yanno, I just gotta laugh. My vacation week has ended up with stuff to do and people to meet each day. I haven't watched but a snippet or three of Oprah, for goodness sake!

Today it was up early to meet electrician. Husband woke me at 7 and heeded my pleas for ten more minutes. I finally got up and dressed and let the electrician in. While he was working, we got a call from the bathtub guy, who was at husband's house, ready to refinish the tub, but couldn't get in. Since I was on the computer at the time, I IM'd husband, who was, luckily, at his desk, and he left work to let the tub guy in. Electrician finished up and 134 bucks later, we are all set for the freezer. We really lucked into this electrician. They do GREAT work in this older house. And I don't really think the prices are that bad. He gave us an estimate of about 275 bucks to install three new outlets in the basement and one GFCI outside. That's not bad, is it? And it'll be nice when we sell the house to be able to note that electrical updates are done to (and in the kitchen, above) code, and not just Clark Griswold wiring.

I am SO stoked about the freezer. I am such a geek. I called my parents and asked my dad to please measure the thing so I know it'll fit where we're planning to put it. Otherwise, I'll have to put it on the front porch, hillbilly style.... appointments. Today I had girly lunch with my friend J the Artist. Her husband like man is a house painter by trade, so I asked if she could get a really loose ballpark figure from him on painting Husband's house. (interior) So I am meeting him at Husband's house tomorrow morning. I figure we can get the estimate, and go from there....the painting is going to be a pain in the ass, and every Saturday, we wake up and mumble about REALLY needing to do this...and we never do. The tub is done, the electrical is done, the garage door is new...we need to paint, clean, and get the rest of the stuff outta there and then we can stick the sign in the yard. So if we can shell out some more money from the home equity on the place and have the painting done, saving us a big pain in the butt, well, then, we should consider it.

After I meet the painter, I may go see my folks. We are planning to pick up the freezer on Thurs...Husband is renting a truck, and D (from work) will lend his muscles...he or his sister will take Husband's ugly blue sofa, which we'll take to D or his sister's house, then we'll all troop to my parents' to get the freezer. VERY cool of D to help out. Then Thursday afternoon, we meet with the financial advisor.

And then...sniff....Friday...sniff...and my vacation will be....sniff....almost over.


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