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2003-03-03 - 5:41 p.m.
Lady of Leisure, Day One

Wheeee! Day one of vacation. Easing into hausfrau mode.

Today I have done some laundry, gone grocery shopping (Squall Mart is WAAAAAY less hellish on a Monday than when I can usually go.....), made a meatloaf, cancelled two credit cards and transferred the balance of the usuriously high interest rate card (that I cancelled) to a low intro rate on a new card.

So yay me. After my little Diaryland break, I am going to change the sheets and do more laundry related stuff. Tomorrow is electrician day, followed by girly lunch with my friend J.

On Saturday, LA The Sage had a wonderful entry. All about how we are all so busy busy busy. She couldn't find anyone for her kid to play with on a SATURDAY MORNING, because all the other little kidlets were already booked. Whaaaa? What in the hell are we so busy doing? And what in the hell are five and six year olds busy doing? Excuse my while I hop in the Way Back Machine....but....I thought Saturday mornings were for hangin' out. Why are little kids so dang scheduled? Why are ANY of us so dang scheduled? I bowled on Saturday mornings when I was, oh, 12, 13, 14. Not when I was six. But kids and adults alike "I'm so BUSY" is like a whine of honor. For funzies, I'll refer you back to my entry from October about The Perfect Woman. I remember Perfect Woman Day...she was talking all about how BUSY they all were, with soccer and birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, etc, etc, and honestly, I can't tell if people are braggin' or complainin' sometimes. I mean, SAY NO. If you DON'T wanna be running all over Hell's Half Acre, schlepping your kid all over, SAY NO. Why does it make us feel so important and good if we're "just SO busy!"? I can't stand it, myself. With work, I can maybe handle one extracurricular activity. After work, I want to come home. I don't want yet another committment. That's why the gym thing is so hard right now. My time in my home with my husband is so short.

Time with those we love always is....

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cheribomb - 2003-03-04 12:02:47
I totally agree... With work and a seven year old, I can make it to church on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and on Sunday... and maybe one other event for the week... But, my son does skate on Saturday morning, but that's my time to have the house to myself, to clean and listen to the music real loud... People are bragging... it makes them believe that they have a FULL life... "It's not the men in your life, but the LIFE in your man" is what Mae West said. I agree... It's not what you have to do in life, but what you enjoy... So there!
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