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2003-03-05 - 5:11 p.m.
Move over, Martha

Got all housewifey again today. Met the painter at Husband's house. He'll do walls and ceilings of small bedroom, living room and laundry room for 600 bucks, including paint. Sold! Yes. We could do it for much less. It would take longer and wouldn't look as nice as it's gonna look when Jim is done. I'm stoked, because this is the biggest obstacle still in front of us. He can do it next week...extra hooray.

So anyway...after that, it was a trip to Target, then home, where I decided that the linen closet/bathroom cabinets needed to be cleaned. FOUR trash bags later.....




I pitched old ratty sheets. I pitched half bottles of shampoo and hair gel. I pitched old makeup. I have three sets of sheets to go to Goodwill.

FOUR trash bags. What in the heck? And how in the heck...The cabinets and drawers and such are still pretty full, despite the de-trashification. Target, I picked up some cleaners I wanted to try. The brand is called Method, and they're some kind of natural foo foo cleaners. They were on sale, so I bought some bathroom cleaner and shower cleaner. I'm totally sold. The bathroom cleaner worked really well, and the whole upstairs smells like cucumbers. Will have to try the other cleaners some time.

I am really boring now, aren't I?

I love not going to work. And the thing that amazes me is, there's not a lotta sit around and watch Oprah time. There's stuff to do, people to call, things to organize.

Oh well. I'll be back to work and my usual surly self soon enough.

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Ruh - 2003-03-05 18:37:58
Detrashification is the greatest word ever. :) smile!
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