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2006-05-13 - 10:51 p.m.
How a geek spends Saturday night

I just spent the evening wrestling with our home network. It had been working fine, but after considerable research, I thought perhaps our elderly cable modem MIGHT be causing some problems with our Vonage phone service. After some poking around online, I decided which new modem would probably be the best choice, and we bought it. Getting it provisioned by the cable company was a snap...did it online. But I couldn't get the network to work...I could only get on the interweb when the modem was plugged directly into my laptop. After wrestling and rebooting and resetting and reconfiguring over and OVER again, I managed to get everything working again...and I have NO IDEA how. Really.

BUT....the VOIP tests I've been running are encouraging...we have great speed and the jitter/packetloss problem seems to have pretty much gone away. I'm cautiously optimistic in thinking that maybe the old modem was adding some kind of noise to the line that was an issue for VOIP but not for regular use of the net.

So yes. I am a geek. Kind of impressed with myself, though.

Had yoga this morning....very weird...a couple of times I was close to sobbing, and at the end, when we were in relaxation, I DID cry. Not sad tears, but more like tears of release. I've heard of people being brought to tears during their practice, but I didn't think it would happen to me.

After yoga, girly lunch with J. So I smell like smoke, because we eat in the bar, and I'm so married that I don't think I'm gonna shower before bed. My poor husband....

Got a call from my parents...they are home in FL now, safe and sound.

Weather here SUCKS. COLD and rainy. COLD. COOOOLLLLD. Like, we're running the furnace cold. In frickin' mid May. Couldn't do any work on the porch today because of weather. My new light fixtures arrived, and they are ADORABLE. Will look so awesome when we get them up.

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radiogurl - 2006-05-14 00:31:54
Pictures please of said adorable light fixtures! And it sounds like the crying is a healing process. Better to let the tears flow than to hold them in. Much like the tin man's tears, internalized ones cause our souls to rust away.
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