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2006-01-21 - 6:02 p.m.
Our House

....Is a very very very fine house.....

Radiogrrl asked what kind of house. Not a "cute" 20s house, unfortunately. Not a four square, not quite Colonial Revival.

The lattice work is fake...covering up the less than stellar condition of some of the brickwork. The carpentry work of the enclosure is...just bad. How bad will be illustrated as we work on the project...I'm going to take pix of the whole thing. They did something weird to the fascia and soffet that makes the pillars, the only charming detail, look like they don't support anything.

Here's one example of something I think we could do:

We need to try to determine if our porch had a railing or not. Here's an example of "not", with a look I really like if we were to screen it in:

I think it still looks clean and open and has some charm.

So. We'll have to demo what we have, figure out if there are structural problems (we aren't thinking feels really solid and not at all rickety), then go from there.

I'm excited to do this. We've done work on the inside of the house, which is really cute, IMHO. But the outside is less cute, which will be a handicap in selling it....needs more curb appeal.

In other domestic news, I made Barefoot Contessa's Chedder Corn Chowder today, and it rocks. Awesome. However, I have TWO large stockpots of soup now. Going to freeze some for later.

Did some tidying and vacuuming and dusting upstairs. No wonder we sneeze and honk and snore and snort at night. The bedroom is a dust bunny breeding kennel. Yuck.

Yeah. I'm exciting. Didja miss me? huh? Aren't you glad I'm back? HUH?


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LA - 2006-01-21 23:19:57
Well I missed you! I like both of the possibles. If you use the porch for sitting I'd go with the screens, but the open porch is just lovely. Don't forget to paint the ceiling sky blue. (I think it's a law. heh) ~LA
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