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2006-01-21 - 12:56 p.m.
Huh. That was a long break

Quite a gap there, eh?

Here. Alive. Nothing bad going on. Nothing particularly great, but more good than bad.

My friend's dad died last week. He was 75. Her parents had been married for 52 years. Her mom is a wreck. I went to the visitation and funeral. But I need to remember to be there for her mom as time passes.

Work is ok. Some crisis, but nothing huge.

We had a contractor type out a couple of weeks ago to look at our porch. He's DQ's husband, and he does handyman/construction stuff as a side business. I have seen his work on his own home, and it's phenomenal. And with DQ the perfectionist as a wife, he's got no choice. The cool thing is that since Husband is handy, G will act as "foreman", and we can save some bucks by doing the labor we can do. But he will be in charge, and the big stuff is all him. We're excited. We're going to get rid of the hillbilly carpentry job that enclosed the porch (badly) and took all the charm away from our little house. I'm hoping to make it look a little more like it did originally, so I've been stocking up on "houses of the 20s" books to get an idea of what that original look might have been. Also been making husband drive me around town so I can take pictures of houses similar to ours with more authentic looking porches.

In other news, I AM going to the NAB in April, which I'm excited about. Husband is going too, then we are staying in Vegas for a few more days after we send my boss home, so we can have a vacationette. Wheee! Hoping one or more of my cousins and husbands can join us for part of the time.

Plans for today include making cheddar corn chowder, and tidying. we might go to the maul this evening. Because we are mr and mrs excitement.

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radiogurl - 2006-01-21 16:45:09
The *maul*, huh? I like that. And good luck on the house restoration; is it a craftsman style, farmhouse, etc.? Just curious (nosy) ;)
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